Monday, July 27, 2009

a mid summer update

i have been a very bad blogger this month. i blame my lack of update on the move from #5C to #2G. also, i seem to be just as busy with work, church, life, activities, etc as i am during the three other seasons. for some reason i always thought that "summer" = "slower". apparently this was an incorrect assumption.

here's a quick snapshot of my summer (i.e. May - July) thus far:

visited Big Lug, Liver and the munchkins in their beautiful home in May. had our traditional meal at a restaurant that currently alludes me. went on a slight spending spree at Toys 'R Us and had a wonderful meal with Liver's parents. also gave my nephews their first faux-hawk.

hung out with Claire in CT and opted to chop my hair. she cut off about 6-7". i really enjoy my new do.

my cousin Gooch moved in with me in mid-June. she just graduated from the Y and recently got a job at a PR firm. she gets the pleasure of crashing on my pull out couch every night and watching SYTYCD on the "big screen."

moved. (enough said)

went to boston with flex and netter to enjoy the 4th festivities. we took a duck tour, drove to the end of cape cod and enjoyed a parade and declaration of independence reading at plymouth rock. then flex and i hit the intrepid air and space museum on the West Side. it was fabulous!

found out they sell Dippin' Dots in the city. this could be very dangerous info for my waistline. i love, love, love the cookies 'n cream dots. thankfully the vendor location is WAY far away.

here's hoping that my remaining days of summer will result in some color on my skin as well as another Andy Roddick v. Roger Federer showdown at the US Open Championship. did you see that Wimbledon Final? it was amazing!

Friday, July 10, 2009

batting .500

last night was the results show for SYTYCD 5 where the top ten were revealed. at the start of the season i predicted who i thought would be part of the illustrious top ten. i ended up getting 5 out of 10. not the best but with little to go on for some of the dancers i think i can give myself a little pat on the back.

thus far there have been only a few stand out routines in my estimation. i think the dancers have "brought" it but the choreographers left it at the dance studio door.

Standout Routines:
Kayla & Kupono performed Mia Michaels' "Addiction" - it always helps when a song i adore is used for powerful choreography
Janine & Phillip performed Nappy Tabs "Mad" - first dance of the season and it was fabulous!
Ashley & Kupono performed Wade Robson's "Crash Test Dummies" - entirely inventive and entertaining
Kayla & Kupono performed Sonya Tayeh's "Vampire Stories" - the costuming and make up was fantastic but the dancing was even better, loved the almost violence of their movement
Janette & Brandon performed Dave Scott's "Rock Hip Hop Wars" - so much fun and loved the ending!

hoping for more excellent dancing once the pairs are split up. i've pretty much enjoyed all that melissa and ade have done especially their mandy moore jazz as well as evan and randi. really need the "star quality" to shine like nigel mentioned. i guess he does know what he's talking about.