Friday, September 16, 2005

Computer Shopping

The stress of computer shopping has become overwhelming. The questions and needs are endless when determining which computer purchase. Am I a steady PCer or can I be turned to the 'dark' side and become a MAC user? What will be the fundamental purpose of the computer? How much RAM is too much? Can you ever have too much hard drive space?
These questions could all be answered by a friendly customer service representative on either side of the great computer debate. Unfortunately that is not what I got when I treked down to the Appple store in SoHo with my friend Kool Aid this past week.
I decided to enter the MAC world so I wanted clarification on some products I had researched on the internet. First, the SoHo Store is always packed with people even on a late and humid Monday evening. So I wandered with my friend Kool Aid until we flagged down a salesman. He barely gave me the time of day and wouldn't look me in the eye. Now I believe I am a woman of few pet peeves. But most asuredly one is when people don't sustain eye contact while speaking to me. This salesman kept looking around while I was asking questions and then would continuously tell me to buy everything online. Obviously this guy doesn't work on commission.
Thank goodness for Kool Aid who spent about an hour of her precious time teaching me, the MAC virgin, about all the nifty things this machine does in comparison to the dreaded, Microsoft saturated PC.
I am still going to purchase the beautiful MAC and try to remember the warm fuzzy feelings I got as I entered the Store doors, before the dreaded eye wandering salesman dashed my enthusiasm for this life altering purchase.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Good Christian Service

Being the sports enthusiast that I am - generally I am up for a good game. Saturday was by far the worst game of phone tag I have ever played.
I coordinate the music for my church on Sundays and had asked a friend almost a month ago to perform in Church. He is part of a band and wanted to include his bandmates which was fabulous. Then the miscommunication started...I thought they were going to sing and he thought I was going to round up some members to sing. Needless to say, trying to put a group of singers together with 48 hours notice is not easy - especially if I am at the US Open all day on Saturday. I played phone tag with the guitarists and singers for over 4 hours trying to coordinate a practice schedule and determine if this song could be performed with 1 hour of practice the day of.
Luckily, the most generous people I know accepted the challenge of singing and the performance sounded like they had rehearsed for weeks. I guess that is a showcase of true talent.

Thursday, September 08, 2005


The music of Lifehouse brings joy and gladness to my soul.

US Open Obsession

The US Open is a joyous time of year for me. As an overall sports enthusiast it is often difficult to choose my favorite when multiple sports are being played. For the last week of August and first two weeks of September, there is a definitive winner in the favorite sport category. TENNIS!
I think my decision to move to New York was due to a strong desire to experience the US Open in the flesh. I have been to numerous MLB, NFL, and NBA games - but there is no other feeling derived from sitting and watching two men or women duke it out with raquets and a yellow ball. It is a beautiful thing. The feeling at Arthur Ashe Stadium is electric - that is why I was "this close" to purchasing a ticket to the Men's Semi-final on Saturday for $500. It has clearly become an obsession. At least I know it will be another 12 months before I lose sleep, yell at the television, and become ineffective at work from constant internet viewing of
Now if only Andre Agassi could beat Roger Federer, then my 2005 US Open experience would become the best ever.