Wednesday, March 24, 2010

a little something taught to me by mckay

my home teacher, his wife and their two kids came to visit last night. they are a great family and i love when people come to visit. four year old mckay took quite a liking to my drum set for rock band. i figured we could bond if i told him about all of the other Wii games i have in my arsenal. his eyes lit up when he saw my super mario brothers game. he preceeded to instruct me on how to hold the control, which buttons to push and how to change characters. it was so adorable! apparently mckay's family received a Wii for christmas and his parents have found it to be helpful as a motivator.

then his little sister lyla taught me all about how to remove the remote control piece that contains the batteries.

promised mckay that we would play the drums "for real" when he comes to visit next time.

a little something to carry in your wallet

i love this passport card. it is for use when traveling between mexico, canada and the us. i think its brilliant.
if only the passport book was no longer required for european/asian/south american or african travel. all the passport stamps just look the same now. :(

Monday, March 22, 2010

a little something from the last month

march has been a whirlwind.

got a call from joani that she was spontaneously going to take the mooch and flex to disneyland for a little play time over the first weekend in march. of course i invited myself to tag along so used some precious skymiles to book passage and three days later i landed in sunny california for 48 hours of family fun time with mickey and friends. it was great to be with my family even though four of us crammed into one hotel room was interesting but thankfully moocher didn't once kick me and i've forgiven joani for the snoring.

(i humbly beg understanding from friends who live in california that i didn't call about this last minute trip...would have loved to see you but this time it was so short and all about the family)

the awesome part of this story is that the following weekend was my scheduled trip to florida with MC and claire to disney world. we had such a good time despite the rainy yuckiness for the first couple of days. at least we were ready with our ponchos on splash mountain. not a drop fell on my white shirt. it was a relaxing venture to disney and i learned that the crowds are about triple what they were when netter and i attended in january. good note to self.

now i can absolutely say that i don't need to spend any more money on disney tickets, souvenirs, food, rain gear or transportation for the rest of the year. there are other great causes that need my attention and money...

claire and i also got to see one of my favorite bands in the smallest venue ever for their CD release party. pick up smoke & mirrors by Lifehouse. it's a great cd!

then there was a roof leak in my building that sent water rushing down to my bathroom and pantry. thankfully gooch helped me save the food and baking supplies from destruction. i live on the 2nd floor so can't imagine the damage to the apartment dwellers on the top floor.

to end the month i've decided to head out of the country for a little R & R. netter and i got a smoking deal to PARIS so we're flying the friendly skies to see some amazing architecture, art, eat some crepes, take pictures and enjoy the beauty that is Paris. oh, i forgot to mention we're flying business class to and from the city of lights. be very jealous...

i hope your march has thus far been as enjoyable as mine and will continue that trend for the next week and a half.