Sunday, July 29, 2012

what google taught me about me

my zodiac sign is a leo.  it is a fire sign and has something to do with the earth's rotation around the sun i think.  my compatible zodiak peeps are other fire signs like aries and sagittarius.  i guess the great balls of energy like to hang out together.

i looked into what traits comprise the personality of a leo and if any fit me.  total shocker that almost all of them would fall into a pinky personality trait.  take a look at what google taught me about myself and a picture of my favorite lion from animal kingdom park at walt disney world.

A Leo defined via Google:
A Leo person is very independent. He or she is warm and action-oriented. Leo persons love fame and publicity and always want to be in limelight. They like to have an audience. A Leo person is also very enthusiastic and loves to socialize. They often tend to pass on this enthusiasm to others. They are optimistic, loyal and honest. This trait makes them a great leader. Being ruled by the Sun, a Leo person prefers to lead from the front and makes a great businesswoman. One of the characteristics of a Leo is determination. They also possess the rare ability to foresee the future and would make a great visionary leader. Their motto might be “what you see is what you get”. A Leo person is a diplomat. They can get along with people from all walks of life. They are not impulsive and analyze every situation before taking any action. They are arrogant and egoistic and often end up making more enemies than friends but they never step behind when it comes to helping others. A person born under this sign is creative. They come up with brilliant yet unique ideas. They love to live in a luxurious environment and can never settle for a second best.

  • Female Leos are the ones who represent the lioness of the jungle. They are confident, arrogant, loving, aggressive, generous and creative. They carry themselves in a manner that is nothing less than awe inspiring.

Women born with this sign are dominant and expect a royal treatment from people around them. 

  • A Leo woman is lively, charming, beautiful and sensual. She never falls short of male attention.

  • They have a classy and superior taste. They are not satisfied with ordinary things. They strive for excellence.

  • They are versatile and multitalented, which allows them to inspire people around them.

  • They love a life full of luxury and extravagance. A Leo woman can go to any extent to lead a life that people around them envy.

  • Leo women are social bees and love to be surrounded by family members and friends. They are very caring and make it a point to see everyone around them is in complete comfort.

  • They are very creative and this is a reason they take front seats in professions involving creativity, like artists, writers, etc.

  • They are extremely jealous and possessive and even the slightest suspicion will make her insecure. Nonetheless she is never clingy and would give space to her loved ones.

a good purge is always a good idea

about a month ago joani called me.  she wanted to know if she could throw away a couple of boxes that were still living in the basement of grandpappy's house.  i said please leave the boxes where they are and i would review their contents while on vacation in utah a few weeks later.  thankfully she kindly agreed to keep her hands off of my stuff and allowed me to purge my five boxes myself.  

the last day i was in utah i took the five boxes i had in joani storage and was able to purge them down to 2 boxes.  yay me!  i apologize to all of my buddies who sent me a wedding announcement or sat with me while i had a caricature drawn or dealt with me during my 'nsync phase when i recorded every thing they ever did on television onto a VHS tape because all of those things are now at the bottom of a garbage can.  i really only kept the really nice art history text books and a few little tiny trinkets.  i think my joani was happy with my purge even though she was responsible for actually disposing of the unwanted items.

now i've been in a purging mood at home.  have gotten rid of old yucky stuff that's been stuck in a drawer, movies i don't watch anymore as well as books that now reside on my iPad along with food that might have expired in 2010.  i think everyone needs a good purge every now and then, especially someone who recently bought three pairs of Ferragamo shoes.  did i mention my love affair with my new shoes yet?  :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

photo timeline of my summer

childhood BFF and her hubby bishop d - the smiles are because bishop d won the Newsies lottery right before
my beautiful inside and out cousin jess, her new hubby and the tarheel loving B family

point a camera at me and i'll do something silly - evidence picture #1

evidence picture #2
evidence picture #3
me and my joani

my brother flex and macaroni

me and my macaroni
going for a walk with two 3 year olds - serious entertainment

my sister in law sunshine

hanging with my awesome friend PhD and her beautiful offspring
getty villa with pacific ocean in background

new york philharmonic in the park with fireworks at the end

and now you're caught up to what i've been up to this summer.  love time with my family.  didn't love getting sick day of my flight home.  did enjoy being three short rows behind Elder Jeffrey R. Holland and his wife on my rescheduled flight.  love local grocery store for putting haagen daas on sale. 

why hello mr. ferragamo

i'm a single woman.  this means many different things.  primarily i don't owe an explanation to anyone about how i choose to spend the dollars i earn.  therefore i might have taken that "freedom" to the fullest extent over the last couple of months.  here's the story how mr. salvatore ferragamo and i developed and solidified our relationship.

i was in california at the end of june for my cousin's wedding.  after all the family left to their prospective homes away from the ocean, i opted to hang around for a couple of extra days to see some really good friends.  i was scheduled to hang with my friends brian, aida and their awesome crew of kidlettes.  we were meeting at 11am.  i got a text from aida that morning saying she forgot about brian's hockey game so would need to push back our meeting time.  so what was a girl from NYC to do with some solo time, a rental car and an american express card.  (light bulb going off) as i'm sure the retail planners of LA hoped, i headed to one of the 100s of malls.  bad idea for my budget.  very bad.

walked into the mall and the first store directly to my left was salvatore ferragamo.  i'm not going to lie, my heart did a little flutter but decided to avoid the temptation so walked around and browsed. elsewhere.  didn't buy anything.  decided it was time to go meet with my buds so headed towards my awesome rental car.  this meant walking back towards mr. ferragamo and his awesome shoes.  

the problem then became my excellent eye sight because tucked away in the corner of the shelving unit viewable from the glass was my favorite word in the english language - "SALE".  the happy endorphins kicked in and i entered the world of ferragamo.  was immediately greeted by well dressed sales woman who didn't blink at my choice of reef flip flops.  she took the shoe i chose from the sale shelf, which was an awesome red patent heel, to find my size and came out with about five additional options.  i kid you not that opening each box was taking me back to my favorite memory of opening presents on christmas morning while my joani's cinnamon ring was baking in the oven.  so i walked out with three pairs of shoes.  happy happy birthday to me!

if you know me well personally, you will realize that each of the shoes that now call my bedroom closet #1 home are a perfect embodiment of my personality.  go ahead and feast your eyes on my new preciouses.  and i look forward to not eating out, seeing movies, or buying blurays for awhile to come.

Monday, July 23, 2012

dog days of summer

so...haven't blogged in awhile...ok, more like 6 weeks.  i guess i forgot that i have a blog and the purpose of which is to update it.  video chatted with joani last night and she even brought up the fact that i haven't posted in a very long time.  when your mommy wants to hear your innermost thoughts about life, liberty and my pursuit of happiness that means it is time to use my newly manicured fingers to type away.

things are busy yet lazy at the same time.  ya know what i mean?  if you don't, please go with me as i do a little explaining.  i've been busy because things seem to be happening quickly.  been working hard at work as well as in my church responsibilities.  trying to live the dream.  but i've been really lazy because once i get home from my evening festivities the first thing i do is turn on HGTV.  i can't seem to shake my addiction to home improvement shows.  just recently found a love for yard crashers on saturdays.  i really need to get a grip on my obsession.  (watching love it or list it as i type)  plus last weekend i literally slept 30 hours of the 48 hours of the weekend.  i guess i was tired.

love me some summertime.  enjoy the strawberries in season.  national cheesecake day is july 30th where the cheesecake factory offers 1/2 price cheesecake slices.  adore the natural light that pours through my windows in the mornings and evenings.  walk home multiple times after work to enjoy the fresh air and sunsets.  love this season!

i apologize to joani and any other casual readers for not taking the time to update my little life lived in new york city.  i try to do better.  pinkie swear.