Monday, January 07, 2013

"why aren't you married? you're awesome."

so i've mentioned before that people have said to me "why are you not married?  you're awesome."  it is always a bit awkward to try to come up with "acceptable" answers to this query.  then one night netter, doc and i came up with a few answers.  it was one of the funniest evenings i ever spent as we came up with reason after absurd reason.  i distinctly remember having to fall to the floor because my insides were aching from laughing so hard.  these are the types of friends everyone should have - ones that make you laugh at a touchy subject so that tears are streaming from your eyes and you have to fall to the floor to control the inner laugh pain.  so thank you netter and doc for being the type of friends that i feel blessed and lucky to have.

just in case you were wondering, below are just a few of the awesome zingers we came up with to answer the dreaded "why aren't you married" question...
  • "it isn't legal yet since he's currently 16"
  • "recommended to wait until he's out of prison"
  • "married for eternity but only 3 years to become world ping pong champion"
  • "have you seen what's out there?"
  • "found him but he's waiting until he's 44 for no apparent reason"
  • "waiting for his second divorce to be finalized"
  • "i'd rather be a ministering angel - less fighting with in-laws"
  • "want him to marry me for me and not a green card"
  • "need to wait for medicare and social security to kick in for him since my insurance won't cover his double hip replacement"
  • "AA recommends a year of sobriety first"
i've decided to use the ping pong champion as my 2013 answer to the dreaded question.  just now need to take ping pong lessons from my brother flex so that my dream can become a reality.