Sunday, April 24, 2011

good karma

woke up at 4:00am in order to leave for airport at 5:05am for the flight to san francisco. needless to say I was quite sleepy and thankful that I had a window exit row seat to try to sleep. I was on the upgrade list but wasn't sure of my spot so asked the lovely delta rep who checked my location. she made a face after checking so i knew it wasn't good news. basically I was number 12 on the list with 11 open first class seats available. bummer!

as I handed the boarding pass to her she said that she would come find me if anything changed. I smiled and said have a good day. sat in my exit row seat and prepared for the long flight. with about 15 minutes before scheduled departure the same lovely delta agent walked onto the plane and handed me a new boarding pass. i got upgraded! the next six and a half hours seemed much more bearable.

kinda feel like i'm getting some serious good karma vibes. first I get the iPad prior to my trip and i get upgraded. oh happy day! would love this trend to continue.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

iPad 2 quest 2nd UPDATE

family and friends...i have my iPad 2!  our collective happy thoughts and righteous living culminated in receipt of my 64 gig wi-fi only black iPad 2 prior to my trip to san francisco!  here's how it happened.

since reserving the iPad on monday i haven't been without my phone.  even chose to keep it on full ringer while at work.  had a leap of excitement each time i received a call, text or alert.  my little heart would flutter hoping that the best buy people were calling with the news i've longed to hear. 

yesterday while doing some work in the office copy room i realized i didn't have my phone with me.  the horror!  walked to my desk and grabbed it.  decided to enjoy a michael jackson performance while doing the massive amounts of scanning in the copy room.  not 2 minutes had passed from the time i retrieved the phone from my desk that it rang with an unfamiliar number.  answered the call with barely contained expectation.  here's how the conversation went...

me:  hello
person:  hello, is this (pinkymcg)?
me:  yes
person:  this is natasha from best buy.  i wanted to see if you had received your iPad 2 yet?
me:  i haven't received it but i'm hoping you're about to tell me that it is in the store.
natasha:  yes it is.  you can come to the store anytime after 5pm to receive it.  just please have your reservation receipt.
me:  natasha you are officially my favorite person right now.  you can't see me but i'm doing a little dance right now becuase of my excitement.  (was actually dancing around the copy room in my purple flats)
natasha:  i'm very happy to give you the good news.  just come to the computer section of the store within 48 hours and they will have your iPad ready for you. 
me:  thank you so much!
natasha:  have a great day and thanks for choosing best buy.
me:  thank you!

once boss man left the office, i grabbed my bags and went to the land of blue and gold where dreams come true.  walked out with my iPad clutched tightly in my arms.  i wonder if this is how it feels to have a new baby...

Monday, April 18, 2011

serious fight with mr. weatherman

just checked the weather for san francisco and it told me something truly troubling.  it is only scheduled to be in the upper 50s with showers 4 of our 6 days there.  that isn't the worst part.  london is predicted to be in the mid to upper 70s with brilliant sunshine.  not fair!  the reason we chose british isles this year was because of the chance for warmer and drier weather.  our plan would have worked!  even more frustrated that it was just too much money to go there because of the royal wedding.  but congrats to the happy couple.

no chance of getting a little color while sitting in a seat for san francisco giants game or while wandering the streets of the city.  will instead have to meander around with extra weight from an umbrella in my bag.

in a serious fight with mr. weatherman.  might have to boycott this particular weather site.  only brings bad news.

iPad 2 quest UPDATE

before you jump for joy at my iPad quest conclusion...must advise that i still do not have my soft and supple hands on a black 64 gig wi-fi only iPad 2...but i do have an update to my quest.

the good folks at best buy are now taking reservations for incoming inventory!  holler back yo!  my first instinct after obtaining this information was to hustle down to the 86th and Lexington store to get my name on the list pronto.  only issue was that it was sunday.  opted instead to take a 2 1/2 hour nap.  serving in Primary = mandatory sunday naps.  always better option to obtain blessings for obedience to the commandments.

instead of sabbath breaking, first thing this morning i went to the best buy at 44th and fifth avenue ready, willing and financially able to put a $100 deposit on my hopefully soon to be received iPad 2.  they will call me once the machine with my name on it is in stock.  i'll then have 48 hours to present myself, the deposit receipt and funds to fully purchase the iPad 2.

only possible hiccup to this amazing plan is if they call me while i'm vacationing in the fog and sourdough bread land of san francisco.  gooch to the rescue!  if the call doesn't come before thursday night than she will be in possession of all the paperwork and funds to go get the iPad 2 for me.  what a pal!  grateful that i can call in this last favor before she departs to the cowboy infested land of texas.

need all who read this to please think happy thoughts that i can obtain my reserved iPad 2 at some point this week prior to flying westward at 7am on friday morning.  i'm sure our collective righteousness and good will can make this small, itty bitty thing happen for moi.  thanks in advance.  :)

bloomage NYC style

of course i took my camera along for the walk through the park on saturday.  after brunch took some pics with gooch in attendance.  i appreciated her willingness to be my profile model while i tested out composition.  let me know what you think of my newest pics to the gallery.

click on any picture for a larger view
think the last shot is my favorite because it is a pathways picture

Sunday, April 17, 2011

still miss my macy

had brunch with gooch on saturday morning.  opted to walk through the park as path to brunch destination.  as i was about to get to the end of the park i noticed a man holding two leashes but no dogs attached to them.  when i got closer i saw that the two dogs were shelties.  that is the same breed as my macy. 

i struck up a short conversation with the man and he let me pet his dogs who were beautiful.  when he asked me about my sheltie i started to tear up.  he was very sympathetic when i told him that macy had passed away almost a year ago.  i thanked him and put my earbuds back in and started to walk away.  maybe took about 3 steps before the tears began to fall and fall and fall. 

didn't realize that the grief is still at the surface.  i truly loved macy and miss her everytime i walk through my grandpa's house door.  she was the best doggie. 

might have to avoid shelties if i see them in my path or carry extra tissues for allergies and tears falling from missing my macy.

Friday, April 15, 2011

part of the club

my good friend and neighbor jewel and i chatted a couple of months ago.  during the course of our litte convo we decided it would be fantastic to start a book club with friends from the neighborhood.  have always kept my reading choices to the same genre so was eager to branch out. 

had our first meeting where everyone brought ideas of what books to read throughout the time.  elected to read paul harding's tinkers as our inaugural book. 

last night was the club meeting to discuss what we thought of mr. harding's tinkers.  i'll admit it was a hard book to read.  the language was gorgeous but for one used to dialogue it was hard to get through.  while discussing it so many others parts were opened up to me in a new way.  i basked in the glow of great friends talking about their impressions and relating personal anecdotes.  it was a great night.

next month's book is suzanne collins' the hunger games.  i've already read the book and would highly recommend it to everyone.  don't be put off by the themes and content.  it is a FANTASTIC book!

keane & the warblers = yes please

blaine, kurt and the merry band of warblers cover the most awesome keane's "somewhere only we know" in a very near future episode of glee.  i adore keane and darren criss's voice so this is what i like to call a win, win.  enjoy. 

this week's simple moments

1.  seeing a can of campbell's condensed soup on the subway tracks
2.  blossoming trees along park avenue
3.  seeing men in suits playing ping pong in bryant park during lunch time walk
4.  downloading tkts app after enjoying its fruits on saturday with clare
5.  cleaning four days worth of dirty dishes in about 20 minutes

self portrait

i call this self portrait bored at the reception desk

trippin' down memory lane

next friday i'll be on a plane headed for san francisco.  haven't been to that city by the bay in about 10 years.  really looking forward to returning as a tourist ready to soak in the atmosphere, smell of seafood, tour alcatraz at night, expense of riding the cable cars and cheating on my childhood oakland a's by attending a giants game.

one day we are heading through the caldecott tunnel to walnut creek - my home as a child and adolescent.  haven't been to that turf in a very long time.  yesterday i google mapped our route from the city back to walnut creek.  as i was looking at the roads to take suddenly memories started flooding back.  flex and moochie were born at john muir medical center.  big lug and i would ride our bikes to enjoy a togo's sandwich then stop and rent a VHS tape from local video store.  viewed multiple fireworks displays from the top of the large hill by our house.  riding my bike up snyder lane to hang with the contractors building our house.  piano lessons with my mean teacher.  listening to barry manilow on my portable tape player while watching cars drive down ygnacio valley road.  birthday slumber party for my friend susan where we were taken to breakfast while wearing our pajamas.  doing a dance routine as a merrie miss for church talent show to donny osmond's "soldier of love".  being mad at oakland a's fans for cheering texas ranger's nolan ryan as he threw a no-hitter.  hosting a boy/girl party for valentine's that resulted in slow dancing with my 7th grade crush mike requa.  annoyed that big lug always got to take moochie out of church sacrament meeting instead of me.  riding the bart train to dad's office in embarcadero square and his secretary mary letting us get drinks from the office soda fountain machine.  dancing around rose courtyard to paula abdul's "forever your girl".  winning the free throw contest as a 5th grader - beating all girls AND boys.  coming home each day after school to watch days of our lives with joani.  suffering some of the worst allergies ever.  seeing les miserables for the first time.  (just to name a few memories...)

i think it will be an emotional experience to go back to a place that was such a part of my young life.  hoping i can hold it together as i trip down memory lane in about a week and a half.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

personal realization #2

yesterday i realized that i spend money when in a foul mood or frustrated about something.  i remember when big lug left on his mission that i spent $300 in a a high school student.  that was the first time i remember where shelling out the benjamins stemmed my pain and emotional anguish. 

right now i'm knee deep in frustration with my inability to get an iPad 2.  came back from attempt #9 to troll craigslist for my iPad.  called the premier silver reward program with best buy to try to work my magic on getting the inside info on how to get an iPad.  called apple stores in manhattan who told me that people are still lining up at least 5 hours before the store opens.  all of this info just made me more annoyed that i can't have something i want. 

my way to cope with the aggrevation was to spend some money pronto.  so i looked up expensive restaurants for my vacation to san francisco.  priced flights to london to enjoy jimmy eat world's performance in june as well as their show in SLC in may.  almost reserved a zipcar to drive to the outlet mall in harriman on saturday.  checked to see if the broadway shows i want to see were on TKTS - they were. 

thankfully i was able to control the beast and only spent $30 on groceries yesterday.

need to be very aware when i'm annoyed, sad, frustrated or emotional to keep the debit cards, credit cards and cash buried in my very stylish coach purse.  otherwise dreadful things could happen like ordering product from an infomercial.  oh the horror.

Monday, April 11, 2011

a weekend in april with clare

the standard four weeks had passed between weekends where either clare comes to new york or i go to connecticut.  this past weekend it was clare's turn to brave the crowds on the metro north train from westport to my humble little one bedroom on the upper east side.

soon after her arrival on saturday morning we took off to times square to purchase the important 7 day park hopper walt disney world pass she will need for her upcoming family trip to the happiest place on the east coast of america.  the disney store must be one of the happiest places in times square.  probably tied with mcdonald's.

one of the things on our weekend to do list was see a show.  we weren't sure which show.  but knew we wanted to enjoy a show.  soon found our way to the line at TKTS.  we chatted with a friendly couple from denver who were enjoying the city after 30 years.  after the discounted shows were illuminated on the info board clare and i decided to see "catch me if you can."  hadn't really heard anything about the show but knew the leads were fantastic singers and more importantly very good looking.  i have my priorities.  picked up the tickets and headed for dinner.

our friend MC met us at famous dave's for a ton of BBQ food and chit chat.  when i say a ton of food i'm really not embellishing all that much.

the show was great.  the dancing was energetic.  the singers were fabulous except at parts when the orchestra drowned them out.  set design was minimalistic and classic.  costumes were 1960s & 70s classic especially when the male lead was shirtless.  all in all it was a fun show and didn't drag on like the movie did.  thank goodness.

once we arrived at home i decided to take an allergy night pill because of all the crazy wind kicking up bloomage.  my allergies weren't happy.  went to sleep by midnight with my black out curtain drawn across my windows. i slept for 11 hours.  seriously slept through the night with no random waking up for 11 hours.  i don't know that i've ever done that before.  it was fantastic!

sunday morning MC came over and ended up making clare and i breakfast.  it was so good!  we hung out for a bit and then headed out.  clare and i ventured to the american museum of natural history.  a place i had never been but always wanted to go.  it was so much fun!  we went close to closing so the kiddies were gone and enjoyed a relatively crowd free dinosaur wing.  this is also the point where i took my camera out for some snap shots.

jumping for joy at being back in the desert

                                                                    clare in the beauty of a new england autumn

wouldn't want this guy charging towards me

after our time with the natural history we went to shake shack on the west side for some din din and then walked our way across the park with a stop at the belvedere castle.  it was a gorgeous early spring sunday evening. 

found this field of wild daffodils

once we got home it was all about lounging on my most awesome couch and watching episodes of friday night lights.  we watched 3 episodes but had the will power and determination to stop once the clock struck 10:30pm with 2 episodes left because we wanted to get some sleep for work the next day.

such a great weekend to be out and about in the city and end with a three episode marathon of friday night lights after wandering through central park.  now only four short weeks until i head to connecticut to enjoy a facial, tanning, possible trip to the aquarium, eating at chain restaurants, hair trimmed, etc.

this week's simple moments

1.  scottish pride parade up 6th avenue on saturday meant a lot of men wearing kilts and playing bagpipes
2.  attended opening night of "Catch Me if You Can" on broadway with hugh jackman in the audience
3.  when entering a BBQ restaurant need to realize that it's a marathon not a sprint
4.  saw a man wearing a full tuxedo and carrying a steam iron at 8:30am...hmmm
5.  black out bedroom curtains create a cavelike environment allowing me to sleep for 11 hours  

Friday, April 08, 2011

excited by the small things

my youtube posted video of jimmy eat world performing "movielike" from a concert i went to last october has been viewed by over 500 people.  all about getting excited by the small things in life.

add your view to the rapidly growing number of people who have enjoyed this performance.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

gilmore girls short hiatus = friday night lights

been going strong with my gilmore girls viewing challenge to complete all seven seasons.  have really enjoyed my time in stars hollow thus far.  began season 3 this morning.  however...decided to forego stars hollow for the next little while for a very important purpose.  Friday Night Lights!

the final season of Friday Night Lights came out on DVD today.  because i haven't been able to view on TV due to a lack of owning Direct TV i have been impatiently waiting to view the end of this absolutely fantastic series via DVD.  my daily trip to Best Buy didn't produce an iPad today but wasn't a total waste because i walked out with a purchased fifth season of friday night lights on DVD.  hooray!

hands off matt saracen, he's totally mine!

a little promo for season five below...

Saturday, April 02, 2011

iPad 2 quest

its been three weeks since the peeps have lined up and attempted to purchase an iPad 2.  i have not been standing in any lines or stalking the UPS delivery trucks to best buy.  but i do want one.  i've saved my pennies and am now ready to purchase.  only problem is that within the last 3 weeks there hasn't been a stockpile of inventory at the best buy stores in my hood.

(let me back up and just mention that i choose to purchase at best buy because i am part of their reward program and want to use gift certificates and obtain points.) 

now i'm determined to obtain my 64 gig wi-fi only black iPad 2 prior to departure for my san francisco vacation.  leaving for the west coast in a little less than three weeks.  that's an almost 6 hour flight where personal entertainment is imperative.  so the quest is on...

boss man has agreed to allow me to run away from my desk each morning to walk briskly to the best buy store located 4 blocks away on fifth avenue.  thanks boss man for understanding the importance of this want to join the millions of other who look cool.  friday was the first trip of the quest.  the entire attempt #1 lasted about 15 minutes from desk to desk.  no iPads that day.

really hoping that this quest to obtain something i want will have better results than my ongoing Wicked ticket lottery disagreement.  wish me luck!

Friday, April 01, 2011

the month of april

i love april!  it is probably my favorite month of the year.  just saying "april" makes me smile and encourages cheerfulness.  here are some reasons why i love me some april:
  • winter is over. 
  • the flowers and leaves will be in full bloom by the end of its 30 days. 
  • the easter celebration means reese's peanut butter eggs, cadbury mini eggs and of course the Easter celebration itself. 
  • one of my 9 annual holidays takes place on april 22nd which means i will be getting paid to vacation in san francisco this year. 
  • spring cleaning!
  • general conference weekend = spiritual rejuvination and a sunday off from primary
  • fruits like berries and melons start to come into season
  • three pay periods in april
  • flip flops!
  • generally walk home from work for the first time in april.
  • eating outside for lunch break.
  • daylight shines for both my commute to and from work.
  • no more wearing tights under skirts
why do you enjoy the month of april?  what do you look forward to the most when the calendar moves to the fourth month of the year?

this week's simple moments

1.  felt no guilt when i cut off a man to reach the cab line outside JFK first - it was really cold outside
2.  enjoy the fewer people on my subway and bus commute due to spring break
3.  haven't seen a full day of only sunshine in about a week
4.  arriving in time to actually partake of the food at the relief society birthday party
5.  helping a friend's daughter show flat stanley a good time in NYC and reminding me why i love this city

honorable mention:  doing my across the floor combinations in dance class correctly