Tuesday, February 27, 2007

An Ironing Moment

I washed about every single piece of bedding and realized that they come out of the dryer very, very wrinkled. My numerous white collared shirts were also washed last night. About every single bedding article and shirt needed to be ironed. Normally I don't mind ironing but tonight something different happened. Today...it happened...I became my momma for a small moment in time. I placed the ironing board in front of the television, set the chair behind the ironing board and prepared to iron for about an hour while watching television. In a moment I flashed back to coming home to Joani watching "her soaps" and ironing shirt after shirt after shirt.

I must say that the joy of the ironing went away for just a moment when I realized the gargantuan amounts of collared shirts I own. I'm sure it will come back tomorrow when I attempt to iron my full bed duvet cover. At least it was fun to pretend I was my momma for an ironing moment.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Where's the excitement?

Tomorrow is the big departure to Italy. It is hard to believe that February 15th has rolled around. This trip seemed to come really quickly. Here's my problem...right now, I'm not really excited about going. I'm sure once I arrive at the airport and see the plane that my excitement level will increase but right now this trip is stressing me out. There is just a ton of stuff to do before I leave. I know it will all get done but I'm also fighting an upper respiratory tract infection which is sapping my energy. Like my grandmother always advised - "make your list." I have made my list of tasks to do prior to leaving and that list unfortunately keeps growing.

I have to keep remembering all the fantastic art I will see, the gelato I will eat and the warm weather I will soak up. Here's hoping for all of my tasks to be completed and to remember to bring my passport.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Connecticut Haircut

I needed a haircut. My beautiful strands had become overcome with split ends, uneven texture and bangs in the eyes. My good buddy Claire is my stylist of choice. She does an amazing job and generally allows me to pay her with food. When I realized the gravity of the hair situation I asked Claire how to do a "self-style". She gave me valuable advice but because of my hair vanity I opted to just patronize the local hair cutters at Hair Farfalle. Then brilliance struck when Claire and I determined that a quick day trip to Connecticut would mean I received a fantastic new do PLUS could hang out with Claire in suburbia for a day.

I took the train where Claire picked me up and we headed right to my favorite food joint in CT - Arbys. We grabbed some food and then headed back for the re-emergence of me from all my hair. After the cut was done it was time to get down to the business of shopping. We headed to the mall and then drove to Target. We got to Target at around 4:30pm and it was CLOSED! A Target closed in the middle of the day was a strange anamoly. Our curiousity prompted Claire to call Mrs. Employer to try and find details about the closure. We found out that the store was scheduled to re-open at around 6pm. To wait it out we went for dinner at Mr. & Mrs. Employer's restaurant "The Cookhouse". The food was fantastic. After dinner it was back to see if Target was open again and it was! After enjoying the Target walk-through we took our packages and headed back to repack and get me to the train station.

My time in Connecticut was a wonderful 11 hours long. The best thing was hanging out with Claire and getting my tresses back under control. Thank you Claire for a fun-filled day of beauty and spending money - my two favorite things.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Ingenius Laundering

Doing laundry can be a chore since I live on the 5th floor of a walk-up building. Normally I bring the heavy bottle container of my favorite Tide liquid laundry detergent down all the stairs and down the street to the laundromat. Last night was laundry night and I realized my huge amounts of laundry would not allow me to also carry the detergent container. I had to come up with a solution of how to pack and carry liquid. Being the enterprising New Yorker that I am, I found and used an empty water bottle. The bottle had grooves on it so I could "measure" each of the three sets of detergent necessary for cleaning all of my dirty clothes and sheets. I have proof now that living in New York City makes you smarter...or at least willing to think outside the box when confronted with laundering issues.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

iPod Oblivion

Apparently a New York State Senator is trying to implement a $100 fine for pedestrians who are in "iPod oblivion". Personally, I look forward to being in the iPod zone but am always cognizant of possible physical harm that can befall me while walking the sidewalks of New York City. I hope the state legislature doesn't cave to the Senator's approach to keeping the city's resident safe.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

My Heart Belongs to My Radiator

It is really cold in NYC right now. For the last week upon waking up I run to the computer to check just how cold it is. This morning it was -3 degrees Farenheit. That is when I realized that the love of my life is the radiator located in my living room. It gives me warmth to my soul and as I learned this evening - warmth to my feet. My toes were cold so I opted to put my socks on the radiator for about 20 minutes and when I put them back on my feet they were warm, toasty, and happy. I know without a shadow of a doubt that I couldn't live my life without my beautiful, precious, and heat generating radiator. Unfortunately it took me living through sub-zero weather to realize the love of my life.