Friday, December 31, 2010

this week's simple moments

1.  the first four lessons of my photography course arrived on thursday.
2.  my blu-ray of the les miserables 25th anniversary concert still hasn't arrived from the UK
3.  receive my save the date for jill and geddes' wedding in march 2011 in SLC
4.  wore jeans on three of the five days this week at work
5.  free lunch three of the five days this week at work

fare thee well 2010

i liked the year 2010.  it wasn't spectacular but simply cozy.  that assessment might be based on the new bed and couch that came into my life in the past 12 months. 

got to spend quality time with family and friends.  watched my boyfriend carlos bocanegra play soccer on my personal big screen.  read the awesome hunger games series.  successfully hosted my first surprise party for netter's promotion.  mastered the hard level of guitar for rock band.  consumed some of the best meals of my life in paris.  creme brulee - ooo la la.  tried to embrace every opportunity that came my way.

i hope that 2010 was full of joy and happiness for you and that 2011 will be better and brighter.

happy new year!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

blizzard december 2010

still not a fan of snow.  it can look beautiful when you are inside wearing your pjs, sipping hot chocolate while the flakes gracefully fall to the ground with either anne of green gables or a jane austen movie adaptation playing in the background.  but alas, that picturesque moment only lasts a couple of hours.  will soon have to deal with melting snow turning to ice...then the ice melts causing large lakes at each sidewalk corner.  have a feeling the blizzard on december 26th is going to force a lot of usage of my bright pink rain boots.

love that new york city requires construction equipment to remove the snow

Monday, December 27, 2010

snapshots of the year 2010

Best vacations: PARIS in April! Flew business class (which forever changed my view of travel). Enjoyed some of the best food I’ve ever tasted whilst viewing the amazing art, architecture and ambiance of France. Finally made it to top of Eiffel Tower. Saw Omaha Beach in Normandy. Utah for a week in July. Fall foliage and apple picking in rural Connecticut. Atlantic City for concerts and beach.

Best places to embrace my inner child: Walt Disney World in January and March with friends then Disneyland in March with mom, Corey & Alyssa. Master of the “Fast Pass”. Deserve a gold medal for spending 17 ½ hours in the parks at Disney World whilst wearing flip flops in January.

Best family time: whole family together in June, double decker bus touring with Jared, spending time with nephews and nieces at water park swimming & sliding, visiting the animals @ Bean museum and bowling, fixing a flat tire with my grandpa, outlet shopping and concert rocking with Alyssa and Labor Day Weekend with my mom enjoying Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and many hours of amazing US Open tennis

Best evidence that I’m an adult: buying a new bed & couch and going to bed every night at 10:00pm

Best rationale to pay for expensive rental car comprehensive insurance: a herd of sheep jumping in front of manual transmission rental car whilst I was driving rural roads to Mont Saint Michel on west coast of France. Couldn’t find 1st gear. Burned out clutch. Smoke billowing from hood, air vents, under car…everywhere. No offer of help. Phone service agent advised to just start the car again and see what happens. Good plan. Terrified of 1st gear and clothes reeked of smoke for remainder of adventure.

Best songs in iPod rotation: My Best Theory (Jimmy Eat World), All In (Lifehouse), Find A Way (SafetySuit), Burning In the Skies (Linkin Park), Rhythm of Love (Plain White T’s), Enough to Let Me Go (Switchfoot), Spinning (Jack’s Mannequin), as well as Hello, Teenage Dream and everything by Glee

Best television: Glee, Mad Men, Grey’s Anatomy, Lost, White Collar, The Good Wife, FNL & Hawaii 5-O

Best concerts/Broadway shows: Jimmy Eat World @ Harrah’s on New Years’ Eve, Keane @ Brooklyn Waterfront, Memphis, New Kids on the Block @ Radio City Music Hall, Lifehouse @ Roseland Ballroom and again @ In the Venue (SLC), Rock of Ages, Harry Connick, Jr. @ Neil Simon Theater, A View from the Bridge, Jimmy Eat World @ Terminal 5 (twice), Glee Live @ Radio City Music Hall, 25th Anniversary Tour of Les Miserables, Goo Goo Dolls @ Roseland Ballroom, NY Pops Holiday Concert @ Carnegie Hall

Best hours spent in a movie theater: Inception, The Social Network, Iron Man 2, Easy A, Tangled, The Other Guys, Life As We Know It & Toy Story 3

Best need for a movie ticket refund: Step Up 3D, Killers, Leap Year, Date Night & Letters to Juliet

Best reason to continue renting: massive water damage in shower & pantry due to building rooftop leak

Best guilty pleasure: 48 hour trip to Utah for a 3 hour massage, watching Gossip Girl and eating Magnolia cupcakes

Best New York moments: early morning photo shoot at the Brooklyn Bridge, Shake Shack opening 10 blocks away, bus commuting down Fifth Avenue, Zipcar treks to New Jersey for Target and Cheesecake Factory, cabs accept debit cards as payment and city transforming with all four seasons

Best plans for 2011: birth of new nephew in March, British Isles and Prince Edward Island vacations, niece Julia’s baptism and having dinner in Cinderella’s Castle at Walt Disney World in January

Saturday, December 25, 2010

new york fun day 2010

the 9th annual new york fun day took place on saturday, december 11th.  it was a warm day which meant lots and lots of people hanging out around the city when i would have preferred them to stay at home.

christmas karaoke night.  we had our brunch at corner cafe.  took a cab to macy's.  saw the windows.  went up to holiday lane on the 9th floor of macy's herald square.  did a little shopping.  left to take a ride on the carousel at bryant park.  dealt with lots of little kids in line to ride the carousel.  did some photo taking in front of ice rink and shopped at kate spade pop up shop.  walked up 6th avenue to see the large ornaments and took more cheesy pictures.  walked with the masses to rockefeller tree.  fight through crowds to get close to the tree.  went to my office to warm up and get some water and determine the dinner location.  chose dinner location that ended up being CLOSED!  decided alternate location.  ate some good eats.  walked across the street to enjoy the vocal stylings of brian stokes mitchell with the new york pops at carnegie hall.  went home via bus.  drank hot chocolate and toasted a wonderful 9th annual new york fun day.

photos of the day...

merry christmas to all

wishing friends and family far and wide a very Merry Christmas!

pinky & gooch enjoying christmas morning

great part of Christmas - putting your feet up.  :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

just a little complaining

i'm going to complain for a moment.  i promise it will be brief.

it is cold outside and i don't like it.  this is my 9th new york winter and i'm still not used to the chill that happens when i walk from my apartment to the bus stop or from the subway to my office.  today was the first of what is probably quite a few mornings where i suddenly felt salty liquid in the corner of my mouth.  my eye was watering profusely but i didn't know because my cheecks were numb.  in the words of clare - "blasted wind!"

i kinda knew what i signed up for when i made the west coast escape to the east.  but sometimes it doesn't mean that i'm happy with the weatherman's forecast.  checking off the days until late march and early april arrive.  only 93 more days to go.

see, told you it would be a brief complaint.  now i can go forward and enjoy the sights and sounds of Christmas with the hundreds of tourists milling around rockefeller center who decide to have large group pow wows right in the middle of the sidewalk...

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Reason # 1,372

yet another reason why i know my mommy is the best ever...she sent me flowers!

it's hard to be away from the family kit 'n kaboodle during the holidays.  she made it a bit easier by sharing how much she loves and will miss me too. 

reason number 1,372 why my joani is the bestest mommy around.

there really is a santa clause

i'm a terrible person to shop for during the Christmas gift giving season.  i have a unfortunate tendency to purchase items i have told others i want prior to december 25th.  one time at BYU i had told my mom i really wanted this movie soundtrack.  she listened and bought it for me.  however, i apparently had even less patience then than i do now, so i bought the cd.  when i called joani to tell her she was less than thrilled with me.  the moral of the story is that there is a 50/50 chance i'm going to buy what i told you i wanted.

when i was asked for ideas for this Christmas, i came up with one and only one thing i really, really wanted.  (at least the one thing that others can provide/purchase/create for me - we all know the main thing i really want that no one has contol over.)  i wanted a photography course.

in the event you've not been a frequent visitor to my blog, i am totally and completely obsessed with my digital SLR camera.  i love shooting family, friends, landscapes, etc.  i'm completely self-taught so i decided that it is time to take a class.  however they are quite expensive so i asked for donations to the "teach pinky how to actually take pictures in the correct mode" fund.  joani said she would make a gift towards the fund.

found a class through the new york institute of photography.  it's $400.  which is a bit steep.  then the most amazing thing happened...groupon to the rescue!  i got a notice that the course i wanted to take was 50% off.  that's right - 50% off!  there really is a santa clause!  purchased the course with joani's blessing and am ready to overwhelm this blog with all of my awesomely artistic photos. 

some of my current fave pics are located here:

Monday, December 13, 2010

this week's simple moments

1.  having a friend in town makes coming home so much more enjoyable
2.  mastered the walking around rock center with my head and eyes down cast so as not to see the tree until NYFD 2010.
3.  shocked to learn a restaurant located in Grand Central was closed before 5:00pm on a SATURDAY!
4.  should never overflow the christmas tree stand.  water and pine needles are a hard mess to clean up.
5.  waking up at 8:00am on a friday...not really a good idea when you need to be to work at 8:30am

Saturday, December 11, 2010

it's New York Fun Day 2010!

hard to believe that today is the 9th annual new york fun day!  i woke up this morning full of anticipation and glee for the events that are to come this day.  cross my heart and pinkie swear to take lots of photos and give you the play by play at the conclusion of new york fun day.


Wednesday, December 08, 2010

who knew i was handy...

with the arrival of the large new couch, i determined that i needed to find an alternate location for my ethan allen love seat.  a great solution presented itself when clare's love seat broke down.  i offered her mine on loan.  thankfully she said yes.

chose to bring it up to her home in connecticut via a pick up truck this past saturday because doc is in town and could help with the loading and make the journey with me.  reserved the local pick up thru zipcar.  loaded the love seat and secured with bungee cords thanks to netter's containment strategy.  drove 65 miles to connecticut.  unloaded the love seat into clare's apartment after getting it lodged in doorway and realizing the wooden peg legs were removable.  always helpful piece of info to have in this situation.

left clare's pad and drove into the metropolis of danbury, ct.  decided to purchase a christmas tree at the local lowe's store because they were an exceptional cost savings in comparison to the tree seller on the corner of 96th street.  loaded tree in truck and secured with bungee cords.  shopped at target.  ate at mcdonald's.  and listened to a CD clare made me at least 3 times because the auxiliary cord was broken.

pretty pleased with myself that i was able to transport a large furniture item via a pick up truck i don't own and everything went smoothly.  you can't see it as it happens, but i'm currently patting myself on the back.

notice the different terrain between photos...any guesses as to which was taken in NYC and CT?

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

a constant competitive spirit

i've always been a competitive person...particularily with big lug.  apparently i'm even competitive with myself.  have a burning desire to blog at least another 7 times this month so that i beat my total posts in 2009.  last year i posted 76 times.  can totally beat that number since i'm just 7 away from 77 posts for 2010!

sit back, strap in and get ready for some serious december blogging...

Monday, December 06, 2010

it's definitely looking like...

there's a song from the movie "love actually" called christmas is all around.  that is a very true statement in the city nowadays.  it definitely looks like christmas in the city and not just because of the awesome made for tv christmas movies running on ABC family and the hallmark channel.  i recommend the "mrs. miracle" sweet and precious.

last night, netter, doc and i attended the 67th annual park avenue tree lighting ceremony outside the brick church.  i truly believe that the feeling of christmas enters while i'm at that event.  it doesn't feel like the christmas season until i'm outside freezing while singing carols with about 400 of my neighbors.

very much ready to embrace all that the season has in store.  it also helps that my christmas tree is up and decorated with about 600 lights and lovely silver and purple ornaments.  oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree...

this week's simple moments - "the couch edition"

1.  delivery of my new sectional on thursday between the hours of 1:15pm and 3:15
2.  MC and my VT dismantling, removing and cleaning up old couch in about 25 minutes
3.  sitting on new couch at 6:15pm on Thursday evening and not moving for an hour and a half
4.  wanting, no needing to buy new throw pillows; also would love a new area rug
5.  realizing no new furniture purchases for a very long time

Friday, December 03, 2010

the addiction continues (circa 1998)

clare has been witness to my caving into my concert attending addiction on quite a few occasions.  this past wednesday was another moment where i paid money for a ticket to listen to some live rock music...and clare saw the whole thing.

we went to a goo goo dolls concert!  i have loved the goos since long before their mega hit "Iris" was released.  ok, so i loved them when they released "Name" which was maybe a year before the mega one.  don't want to give you the impression i was hanging out in punk bars listening to them wail.

i've seen the goos three times since i moved to the east.  all three viewings have been with clare.  don't really think that's a coincidence.

their 2010 concert on december 1st was fantastic.  they are an energectic band that sounds better live than recorded in many instances.  we rocked along for over an hour and were grateful the show ended around 10pm.  always great to be home before 11pm on a school night.

the goos hold a special place in my heart because they were my friends when i attempted to live with my father for a summer after my junior year at BYU.  needless to say, those days with my dad were somewhat painful so i spent lots and lots of time in my car driving around the san francisco bay area.  it was the summer that the band released dizzy up the girl.  that whole cd was played on constant rotation in my portable cd player that used a tape connection to play over my car stereo.  also one night at his place i put it in his ridiculously expensive stereo and blasted the volume to rock out to "black balloon".  probably would have more of an impact if he had actually been home at the time.  alas...i still consider it a moment of rebellion.  :)

for their love during that wretched summer, i will always try to pay to see them live.  just hoping that clare can attend with me to keep our streak alive.

arrival of the couch

my new sectional couch arrived yesterday.  it's huge!  during our first night together last night, i sat upon its cushions at around 6:15pm and literally didn't move until around 7:45pm.  ok, i might have crossed and un-crossed my legs a couple of times, but i cross my heart that that was the only movement.
completely enraptured with this new and very adult purchase.

here's a photo via my iPhone.  the couch looks much more purple in the photo than it is in real life.  must be the lighting.

and now it's december

i look forward to the month of december with equal amounts of excitement and loathing. 

i'm obviously excited for the holiday season.  the sights, sounds, smells of new york are heightened during the month of december in a positive way.  my schedule is full of celebration events like the Park Avenue Tree Lighting and Caroling, New York Pops Holiday Concert, christmas karaoke and of course the creme de la creme of New York Fun Day.  love to shop for great gifts for family and friends.  it is also the celebration of the birth of the Savior.  the focus on His life and ministry always brings happiness and excitement.

my loathing of december stems from the winter weather being in full force with wind, rain and snow.  darkness falling at around 4:30pm.  lots and lots and lots of tourists.  all kind of depressing things.  my calendar is also boiling over with invites to different events and parties when i really kinda just wanna sit at home on my new couch in my pjs and watch grey's anatomy reruns.  this twelth month is also one of my busiest at work.  being the h.r. department means i'm in full force planning for 2011. 

thankfully all of the loathing is quite easily counteracted by the excitement of decorating my apartment, wrapping presents, singing Christmas carols and remembering the true motivation and purpose for this month of celebration.  at the risk of sounding cheesy...that truly is the most important part of december.

Monday, November 29, 2010

the happy couple just had to choose april 29th

almost without fail (except London 2008 and Italy 2007) netter and i have traveled to europe over the Easter sunday week/end.  it works the best because i get good friday off and she is out of her toy fair craziness.  hence, the british isles trip was scheduled for april 21st through the 30th. 

then...prince william had to go and propose to his girlfriend of eight years, kate middleton.  congrats to both.  and then...they had to choose april 29th as their wedding day!  as utterly ecstatic as i am to know that kate will no longer be known as "waity katy" but instead princess catherine, i'm not super stoked that the prices for my vacation just quadrupled with their little announcement. 

going to have to re-evaluate our trip planning.  europe 2011 might instead be the vacation to avoid the british isles at all costs.  maybe amsterdam to see the tulips, maybe greece to view the architecture, maybe italian country side to eat lots of napolitano pasta, maybe portugal because i know very little about portugal, maybe switzerland because i heard they have excellent chocolate, maybe riga in latvia because netter really wants to go there, or maybe we'll stick close to home and head to the bahamas instead. 

although a small part of me thinks it could be pretty cool to actually be in the country on the day when the future of the british monarchy takes a wife.

Friday, November 26, 2010

me, my mooch and utah

went to utah a couple of weeks ago to enjoy a little family time since i wasn't going to be with them for thanksgiving or christmas this year.  (thanks joani for the thanksgiving feast even though it was only november 14th)  the trip started with joani losing track of time and forgetting to pick me up from the airport...thank goodness for scrabble flash...and ended with me forgetting my iPhone on the way to the airport so we had to turn around and back track 20 minutes.  the middle was the best part and here's why...

saturday morning my sister mooch and i ventured to the shopping outlets of park city.  she watched me use coupons at banana republic and ann taylor to replenish my winter wardrobe.  i went bowling with brothers, sister-in-law, mother and my nephews.  kinda embarrassing that my 4 1/2 year old and almost 2 year old nephews beat me at one game...granted they had bumpers...but still.

sunday was church with joani and mooch.  then a flat tire, cracked windshield and fantastic massage.  evening ended with previously mentioned awesome pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving feast provided by joani and grandpappy.

monday morning grandpappy and i went to get the tire fixed and talked.  love listening to his stories.  i got to spend the rest of the day and evening with mooch.  we had lunch at cheesecake factory, drove to SLC, rocked out to a Lifehouse concert and then drove back home together.

these hours i spent with my sister showed me how much i love her.  she is an amazing person.  our age difference forced our time living under the same roof to be short.  i felt like i knew her well and we were close but most of our past time together was spent with the rest of the family members.  we haven't ever really been one-on-one as adult sisters since she took care of me and my broken ankle in 2008.  it makes me sad that our home together sister time was short but i know we have eternity to look forward to.

i'm grateful for her friendship, that she shares the bathroom and her mirror with me when i visit, she takes excellent care of our mom and grandpa, she is a hard worker, she constantly strives to do what is right, loves our nephews and nieces with all her heart, will car dance with me when it's appropriate to rock out, is the epitome of beautiful with her dark hair and blue/gray eyes, knows her limits, will listen to my stories and advice, cares deeply for her friends, and has a deep knowledge of who she is and what she is striving for. 

her childhood and teenage years were so different from mine.  she is a better person than i was.  she is an example to me in so many ways and i'm thankful to be her big sister.  i look forward to many more hours of one-on-one time we can share together in the future.

this week's simple moments

1.  wonderful Thanksgiving meal with friends on paper plates with paper cups, paper napkins and fake Martinelli's drinking goblets
2.  scaffolding coming down off the building next to my office building
3.  vacationing NYers means more leg room on bus
4.  four events to attend on Sunday excluding weekly church
5.  jumping pose on the Top of the Rock (thanks to Clare for being my action photographer)

click on picture for a larger view

Sunday, November 21, 2010

les miserables - special moment in time

my 12th birthday was incredibly special.  got my ears pierced, left the joyful corridors of primary, could wear lip gloss AND saw my first broadway musical EVER!  my parents bought tickets for them, my brother big lug and i to see and experience les miserables at the orpheum theater in san francisco.

on the car ride to dinner before the show my mother kindly explained the plot of the story so that we would have an idea of what was happening.  our seats were excellent and i sat down to enjoy the show.  the first notes of the prologue began and i became completely enraptured.  i couldn't remember feeling such joy in my young life.  my eyes and ears didn't leave the full attention of that stage.  after the show, i told my mom i wanted to start piano lessons again.  i wanted to be able to produce the sounds of the show.  so i started piano lessons again when i had fought so hard to stop them.

since my 12th birthday i've seen les miserables another 5 times.  each time i became more enraptured with the show.  it takes me back to being a child and feeling complete bliss for the very first time.

this past wednesday gooch and i went to a movie theater to witness the 25th anniversary concert held at the O2 arena in london.  it was breathtaking!  just listening to lea salonga sing "i dreamed a dream" brought me to tears.  at the end of the show they brought out the original london cast.  four jean val jeans sang "bring him home" together and then the full cast sang "one day more."  it was incredible!

there are many things that consistently bring me joy - my family, friends, travel, good food and live music.  any and all kinds of live music.  i attribute the moment i became a live music addict to that night in july 1990 when i sat in a san francisco theater and heard "stars", "castle on a cloud" and "on my own."  it truly changed my life.

four val jeans singing at the concert finale:

samantha barks as epinone singing "on my own"

the amazing lea salonga singing "i dreamed a dream"

10th anniversary cast singing "the finale"

Friday, November 19, 2010

this week's and last week's simple moments

1.  love the AirTrain to JFK airport - cheapest and most comfortable mode of transport
2.  thinks it's completely normal to pay over $8 for a salad
3.  gets really sad when a "long term new yorker" announces their intention to move away
4.  am a complete ham when teaching sharing time to primary about enlisting in the "secret service agency"
5.  spending one-on-one time with my sister Mooch is a wonderful way to spend my vacation hours
honorable mention:  touching Jason Wade of Lifehouse elevated my love for that band exponentially

it's beginning to look a lot more like...

more and more holiday elements and decor are popping up in New York City with each passing day.

1.  the rockefeller center tree arrived last friday and is currently shrouded in scaffolding
2.  bloomingdale's is draped in thousands of lights with wreaths adorning it's exterior
3.  ads on television, internet and probably radio are hyping all of the after thanksgiving sales
4.  saks fifth avenue windows are draped in preparation of their unveiling on november 22nd
5.  the angels, soldiers and flags are installed in rockefeller center for all the tourists to take photos
6.  new york fun day is a short 3 weeks away
7.  wreaths and greenery adorn the street lights up and down the avenues
8.  bryant park pond skating is open for business
9.  i have already purchased christmas gifts for some family and friends
10. tickets to the New York Pops Holiday Concert at Carnegie Hall are pinned to my tickets bulletin board

love this time of year and look forward to becoming 100% christmas festive at the conclusion of Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

photo credit

some of you have commented on how much you love the photo at the top of my blog.  i didn't take the photo.  i can't claim that i did.  i wish i did but my skill level isn't there yet. 

instead i pulled it from an images search in google under the heading "new york skyline".  i have gone back numerous times to that search to give photo credit to the taker of the gorgeous panoramic vista of lower manhattan.  unfortunately the photo seems to have disappeared. 

i ask you loyal blog readers to please let me know if you come across the name of the artist who created the above picture in any of your random websurfing.  would really like to give credit where credit is due.

a treat for you

i have a personality that enjoys attention, being in charge and being generous.  there really must be something to all the zodiac characteristics of a Leo because i pretty much match all of them.  in the spirit of wanting to be the center of attention and appear "cool" i made a music video as a 10 year old girl.  it is truly magnificent in all of its late 80s graphic goodness, madonna accessories style and t shirt with leggings wardrobe options.

the video was made at "Be A Star" in the Sunvalley Mall located in Concord, California which sadly no longer exists.  i loved every moment of showing how "cool" i was in spite of the woman inside the room showing me how to dance.  the video would have been much better had i ignored her and grooved on my own. 


there is a sequel to the above video but the youtubers found me when i tried to upload it with the audio intact.  but i promise that it is without a doubt the better of the two because my dancing in place and lip syncing abilities sky rocketed in the six months from the one you just saw and the sequel.  i have it in my possession, so please ask for a viewing party the next time you stop by.

Friday, November 05, 2010

this week's simple moments

1.  made it to 400 posts on this blog
2.  rolled my eyes at tourist woman walking barefoot down 5th avenue while carrying her 4 inch slingback heels
3.  saw a movie for free plus received a free popcorn and drink coupon
4.  placed arch support inserts in all my shoes.  both my feet and i thank you dr. scholl.
5.  listened to Christmas music!

a tribute to mr. lucas

i worked at the nba retired players association for almost 3 years.  it was my first job after college and my first one here in new york.  in so many ways it was a dream come true because i love sports and was surrounded by amazing men who played a sport they loved.
one of my main roles at the retired players was to work directly with the board of directors which was comprised of former great players.  one of those players was Maurice Lucas.  i never witnessed him play his role as "the enforcer" on the portland trail-blazers.  i simply knew him as Mr. Lucas, husband of Pam and father of three who lived in the Northwest. 

at one of the conferences we attended in jamaica, i ended up sitting with maurice for lunch.  we had a very long conversation just the two of us about almost everything besides basketball.  he was always kind, engaging, intelligent and supportive of me and my job. 

i learned at later date that my aunt had a crush on him when she was growing up in the 70s in Portland.  maurice was kind enough to send her an autograph picture when i asked.  that was the person he was.  i deeply appreciated his friendship.  he was one of the board members that it was the hardest to say farewell to when i left. 

maurice lost his battle with cancer on halloween this year.  he was a young age of 58.  i'm thankful for the time that i was able to be his friend.  he will be dearly missed.

early planning stages

netter and i have chosen to visit the british isles for our annual european vacation.  the british isles are comprised of ireland, scotland, wales and great britain.  we are planning on spending about a week listening to everyone speak with an accent, eat pub food and constantly brush aside the incredulous stares when we say we won't be having any alcohol with our meals. 

the main purpose of this post is to solicite advice from any and all about where to go, stay, see, eat, avoid and shop whilst we are in the isles.  we've both been to london and can safely navigate our activites there and in bath, but i haven't got a clue how to prioritize all the beauty and majesty that we have placed on our "go and see" list.  any help to whittle down our options would be most appreciated.

here's a photo from our November 2008 trip in the united kingdom.  really hoping that it won't be nearly so cold, windy and wet while we're there in late april.  a girl can dream...

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

photography crazed

i realized that i needed a creative outlet in my life.  don't have a piano to play, painting supplies are too difficult to store (not sure how artiste did it whilst living in NYC), and i'm not a writer (other than my witty commentary on this blog).  there were very few creative outlet options open to me until i picked up a digital SLR camera.  i became absolutely hooked on taking pictures of beautiful places, people and moments.

to try to convey how much i needed this outlet i shall share an example of my sacrifice for my art...

last friday night i was at a birthday party for a friend until the wee hours of the night...i'm talking after midnight my friends.  (just because i'm single doesn't mean i party every weekend like there's no tomorrow.  i like my 8 hours of sleep just like everyone else).  i didn't fall asleep until after 2am. 

i had already decided to go to the brooklyn bridge for the sunrise on saturday morning to take some shots of one of my favorite NYC landmarks.  i chose that saturday because it was before daylight savings ended; therefore, sunrise would occur at 7:20am instead of 6:20am.  very important detail.

so i woke up with my alarm at 7:00am.  got dressed, put on my cute and trendy beanie cap and headed for the brooklyn bridge.  spent a windy and cold hour on the bridge taking shot after shot.  quite often i found my self in a kneeling position to get just the right angle or crouched over to position the sun in a specific pattern.  the next morning my quads, gluts and inner thighs were so sore!  apparently i was doing lunges and squats without even knowing it.

generally i'm very cranky when i receive very little shut eye the night before, but this time i was perfectly content to get up, spend $25 on a cab and enter the outside world with dirty/greasy hair.  it was all because i had a camera in my hands and was capturing images that i hope you will enjoy as much as i do.

thank goodness the tools for this creative outlet fit snugly in my bedroom cabinet.

Monday, November 01, 2010

this week's simple moments

1.  still not a fan of halloween
2.  spent over $50 on cab rides in one day
3.  enjoyed a conversation with a friend at shake shack at 11:30pm on a Thursday night
4.  opened and played Just Dance with gooch...she schooled me on the NKOTB dance moves
5.  got a haircut that makes me look "10 years younger"

Monday, October 25, 2010

fall foliage - connecticut style

hairapy weekend was a huge success.  it amazes me how being surrounded by nature is so calming and relaxing.  clare and i pampered ourselves with getting our hair washed and blow dried in a salon, got facials, a massage, ate good food, shopped in target and saw a movie.  and that was all accomplished on saturday.

sunday morning was reserved for getting my hair done while watching disney's the little mermaid and eating pumpkin/chocolate chip muffins.  another winning combo.

after lunch and mall strolling clare drove me to some stunning locales in her neighborhood so i could take some pictures.  the scenery was truly magnificent and i urge any who have never experienced a new england autumn to add it to your list of "places that MUST be visited".  all of the pictures and adjectives simply don't do it justice.

click on a picture for a larger view

Friday, October 22, 2010

soccer support

in case you forgot why it is imperative to support men's soccer.  here's is a refresher on re-obtaining your motivation.

This is Carlos

This is Benny
This is Benny playing soccer

This is Carlos playing soccer

This is Benny (all black suit) and Carlos (brown shoes center) with US Men's Soccer teammates
click on the picture for a larger me, you want a larger view

And, you're welcome.