Sunday, May 06, 2012

say hello to matt bomer

i have wanted to upgrade my tv for awhile now.  not that my love for Ed had wavered but it was time to make the leap to 1080p and multiple hdmi ports instead of the one that Ed had.  i did my research and decided on a 46" samsung HDTV.  two saturdays ago my friend and i took a zipcar to the best buy on 117th street and east end in harlem to buy my new tv.  

thankfully my co-worker was in the mood to upgrade his family's tv wanted to buy Ed.  it made me feel good that Ed was going to a good home and my co-worker was willing to drive into the city to pick up the tv.  

the moment i turned on the new tv i knew what his name would be.  i chose to name my new tv after the most beautiful man i have ever met in matt bomer.  (thank you gooch for taking me with you to the white collar set so i could meet him.)

now i get to watch beautifully clear, picture quality on my new tv.  and just so you know, there is a difference between 720p and 1080p.  trust me.

oh and for any doubters as to the real life beauty of seeing matt bomer in the flesh, below is a picture of matt, my friend C, tim dekay and i on the white collar set.  boo-yah!

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Lindsay Koelling said...

I love White Collar! hahah Congrats!