Friday, June 25, 2010

a little something i love about soccer

living with gooch opened up a whole new world for me. she is an avid us men's soccer fan and imparted her love to me...(sometimes by osmosis). we watched lots of matches together. generally i would begrudingly hand over the remote. then something magical happened... carlos bocanegra and benny feilharber appeared on the television. i fell a little more in love with us men's soccer at that moment. wonder why? just look below and you'll understand. :) Go USA!!

This is Carlos

This is Benny

Sunday, June 13, 2010

a little something to watch in the summer

so you think you can dance is back! must admit i wasn't enthralled with the season six fall show. there were some stand out but overall was kinda like "whatever." season seven has brought back the joy for SYTYCD and it hasn't even started in the competition phase. it has however reminded me of some of my favorite routines that i can watch over and over again. below are a few of my (and america's) faves:

Kayla & Kupono's Addiction

Chelsie & Mark's Bleeding Love

Katee & Joshua's Samba

Kherington & Twitch's Viennese Waltz:

Heidi & Travis's Contemporary (one that started it all):

a little something to add to my apartment

i bought a new bed. so excited. it is queen size and going to be fantastic! it arrives next saturday. have only one activity planned next books and watch television episodes in my new bed.

can't wait for the new addition to apartment 2G!