Wednesday, October 31, 2012

who's laughing now?

for my 30th birthday my mommy asked me what i would like as a gift.  as previously posted, i am a terrible person to shop for but for this momentous birthday i knew exactly what i wanted from my joani...a 72 hour emergency preparedness kit.  woo hoo - par-tay!  joani graciously purchased the requested 72 hour kit for me.
the box arrived at my office since it is easiest to ship everything to me via my office.  i of course waited until my birthday to actually open the box.  i opened it at the office and was really excited for my gift.  my excitement drooped a bit when my co-workers started walking by and noticing my glee at my new 72 hour kit.  as most would expect, they began to mock me mercilessly because of my desire for this type of gift on my 30th birthday.  they thought i missed a great opportunity to get something good but instead chose this ridiculous gift.  well i say to them, "who's laughing now?"
since my 72 hour kit arrived new york city has had two monstrous snow storms, an earthquake, a tropical storm and now a hurricane.  hmmm, seems like someone is prepared for these natural disasters and some others aren't.  and when i say "someone" i refer to myself.  apparently i am one of the 5 virgins who is ready to greet the bridegroom with oil in my lamp. 
thanks joani for my 72 hour kit that was packed and ready to go over the last two days.  i'm sure it made you feel calm knowing i had it as much as it made me happy to have it. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

say it ain't so mr. weatherman

ok, here's the deal...i moved to new york partly because i have serious anxiety attacks when i drive in any kind of adverse weather.  this "issue" basically rules out large portions of this country that i could call home.  apparently new york city didn't get the memo about the kind of weather i would like it to provide for my piece of mind.  let's chat about what you have provided over the past 10 years of our relationship:

#1 worst snowfall ever in february 2006 with 26.9" on the ground
#4 worst snowfall ever in february 2010 with 20.9" on the ground
#6 worst snowfall ever in december 2010 with 20.0" on the ground
hurricane/tropical storm irene in august 2011
hurricane sandy in october 2012

los angeles has not done any of the above to its residents.  just saying that you have some competition so you better watch it.

the girls take disney world

me, my mommy and my little sis went to disney world.  woo hoo!  we rented a condo, i drove everywhere and we spent some quality time with the mouse and his good buddies.  the good thing is that joani and mooch basically did what i told them to do since i was the annual pass holder.  we had such a good time even when i was wheeling joani out of the magic kingdom in a wheelchair we managed to laugh and hum the "chariots of fire" theme.  i love my mommy and my moochie.

it was a good time at magic kingdom, animal kingdom, epcot and hollywood studios.  i would like to say that it was in the top 5 vacations that my mommy ever took.  the look on her face when she first saw the cinderella castle at magic kingdom was priceless.  oh the childlike wonder.

we got an extra bonus when the peeps at the magic kingdom allowed us to see the new fantasyland.  the new rides and "experiences" were up and running for a dress rehearsal.  it was really fun!  probably enjoyed the little mermaid ride the best. 

mommy got her caricature.  mooch bought her mug.  i got a shirt from england because of my british obsession.  we ate good food and slept in on sunday morning.  the favorite ride was probably the toy story ride in hollywood studios.  joani really enjoyed epcot.  mooch really enjoyed the lion king show at animal kingdom.  i really enjoyed my first class upgrades both to and from orlando.  :)

i kinda want to do this every year.  right mommy, same time next year?!?!

what happened to october?

so tomorrow is the last day of october.  i'm in a bit of a shock about that fact.  this month has been a little of this and a little of that but it added up to probably the quickest month ever.  so much of the october events were either really awesome or really wretched.  of course the month ends with a hurricane hitting my home in new york city.  

october i will wait impatiently until you return to me.  so sorry i missed you and didn't give you as much love as i generally do.  just please promise me no more hurricanes.  muchas gracias.