Monday, August 28, 2006

The Subway Mist

I finally experienced what I like to call the "subway mist" coming home from work tonight on the uptown 6 train. The "subway mist" is the feeling while traveling that everyone and everything around you is speeding by while you sit there silently and immobile. It came on suddenly and was gone in a flash.
That moment of feeling inconsequential while everything around you is speeding by was completely surreal. I have seen so many images of "subway mist" but nothing compares to the real life experience. This is just another reason to love the subway and the fact that I get to ride it at least twice a day.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

...And A Year Later

I am back to my favorite little blog. Here is the quick low down on my last year.
-Moved into my own apartment
-Traveled to Eastern Europe to see Budapest, Vienna, Salzburg & Prague
-Welcomed two new nephews named Kenny & Blake
-Teaching Gospel Doctrine at church
-Said farewell to will be missed

That is a year in a nutshell. Kind of depressing that only five points made it onto my 'what has happened in a year'. I'm going to have to step it up for the next year...aim for at least six points to make it onto my list.