Tuesday, April 05, 2011

gilmore girls short hiatus = friday night lights

been going strong with my gilmore girls viewing challenge to complete all seven seasons.  have really enjoyed my time in stars hollow thus far.  began season 3 this morning.  however...decided to forego stars hollow for the next little while for a very important purpose.  Friday Night Lights!

the final season of Friday Night Lights came out on DVD today.  because i haven't been able to view on TV due to a lack of owning Direct TV i have been impatiently waiting to view the end of this absolutely fantastic series via DVD.  my daily trip to Best Buy didn't produce an iPad today but wasn't a total waste because i walked out with a purchased fifth season of friday night lights on DVD.  hooray!

hands off matt saracen, he's totally mine!

a little promo for season five below...

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