Friday, February 06, 2009

props to Doc & Richard Armitage

being the cliche female that i am...i love romantic dramas and romantic comedies (except when Meg Ryan is involved); but my most favorite is the costume period romantic dramas. BBC is the king of producing some quality adaption of classic English literature. i'm a fan of all things Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters, Henry James, Edith Wharton, etc.

one day while surfing You Tube i came across a "couples montage".  one of the movies listed was called North & South.  i thought it was the Civil War miniseries starring Patrick Swayze.  didn't give it much thought or try to track it down to view.

then Doc came to visit over Christmas.  i happened to mention the title of North & South and Doc told me how she saw it with a friend and loved it.  i trust Doc's opinion so quickly moved North & South to the top of my Netflix list.  it arrived on a Friday and i sat on my couch for four hours devouring the show.  i HIGHLY recommend this movie if you enjoy the costume period dramas and a good looking leading man...thank you Richard Armitage.  :)

a trailer made to whet your whistle:

Thursday, February 05, 2009

bye bye big lug, hello PhD

my brother, big lug has essentially forgotten about the joy that comes from blogging, hence he is removed forthwith from my "check 'em out" section. fare thee well big lug's blog.

on the up swing, a new blogger has entered the world of website posting...welcome PhD to the goodness! can't wait to read about your life in CA and the newest addition to the Movie Man and PhD family.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

ode to a cupcake

i've haven't been subtle in my angst against Rockefeller Center. now i have another item to add to my list of annoyance. a magnolia bakery has opened in Rock Center! how could this be a bad thing you's a bad thing because i absolutely LOVE and ADORE cupcakes. see exhibit birthday last year. netter even bought me a cupcake tree to display my cupcake baking skills. i had friends over last year after park avenue singing guessed velvet cupcakes. yoga master is hosting a party tomorrow night and asked me to stop by to be her official cupcake taste tester - i plan to go to her place after my gym work out! i'm a little out of control.

i wouldn't say i have any addictive vices when it comes to food. however, since jersey girl pointed out the magnolia bakery on the corner of 49th and 6th i have been a total of 9 times (out of a short duration of time); often ordering multiple cupcakes. yesterday i convinced my co-worker Mo to join me on my magnolia pilgrimage thinking that if i bring it friend then it is okay to get yet another cupcake.

please friends - i beg you to help me stop the magnolia madness. if you see me in the bakery, i give you permission to pull me out bodily kicking and screaming. also, if you're in my apartment please remove all cupcake baking items. i need your help to control the demon.

the DVD experiment

i have a plethora of DVDs. some were purchased and are yet to be viewed (i.e. We Are Marshall, Star Wars 3, Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade...) my sojourns to Best Buy almost always result in a new DVD to add to the collection. one day while i was broken, i decided to entertain myself by "logging" my DVDs. so i set up a spreadsheet with the title of the DVD, lead actor and actress and genre. if you come to visit and are in the mood to watch something dramatic, classic, romantic, action or musical, then i have the tools to quickly give you options from my DVD collection.

i'm realizing that i don't spend enough time with the DVDs that i already own. lately i have contemplated how long it would take me to view all of my DVDs consecutively. to find the answer, i've decided to conduct a little experiment...
i will watch, in alphabetical order, at least 2 DVDs a week (Sun - Sat) to determine the length of time in days necessary to watch all of them. any TV series i own must be watched in it's entirety. (gilmore girls is going to kill me since i have ALL SEVEN seasons.) i am not allowed to give away any DVDs during this time and must collect all DVDs that are currently loaned out to friends.
at the end of my experiment (probably 2011) i will report my findings. wish me luck.
this lovely experiment will not prohibit me from purchasing additional DVDs. they will just go to the end of the line if i have already passed their letter. oh the good times to be had.