Friday, February 29, 2008

Injury Update 2.0

Today was supposed to be a good day.  Me and my doctor were going to have a nice chat then he was going to use whatever tool was necessary to cut off this cast from my left leg/ankle. Unfortunately that was not the case when I went to see Mr. Ankle Doctor.  He told me to "listen to my body" and my body was telling me that the ankle was still not happy with me.  It still hurts like a jackhammer pounding against the concrete.  But that is what chick flicks are for. Basically this means that for the next two weeks I have the chance to get through over 100 DVD's that are part of my movie collection.  I'm so looking forward to diving back into the great characters of Pacey Whitter, Sydney Bristow, Elizabeth Barrett, Captain Jack Sparrow, Oedipus Prime and Frodo Baggins.  

One evening about a week ago I was in severe pain and my Joani just happened to call that night.  I started crying fiercely and that was when the decision was made to bring a family member to the great NYC to take care of me.  I'm so incredibly grateful that my sister Moocher was able to fly out and take care of me for the past few days.  She is absolutely excellent at taking out my trash, buying groceries, doing my laundry @ the laundromat, making some fierce spaghetti, and overall keeping me company. Thanks Mooch!

Let's hope the good times continue to roll...

Monday, February 25, 2008

A New Hobby

Due to my injury imposed house arrest I have determined that I need a new hobby.  Daytime television doesn't cut it.  I'm almost to the point where I want to take my beautiful television ED and chuck it out the window from frustration.  

Today I determined that a new educational hobby is the best medicine for my irritation.  I bought myself a guitar.  I have wanted a guitar for so long because I can't have a piano in my apartment.  My creative juices always seem to flow freely through musical expression.  Without a piano to keep those juices flowing I am forced to find an alternative.  That alternative is an acoustic guitar.  So sometime this week my new Yamaha acoustic guitar will arrive and I will begin my guitar education.  Super duper excited!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Stomping in the Shower Concert

When I am upset my favorite way to release the tension and aggravation is to put on loud rock music and stomp around in the shower.  It also makes for crying to be less overt because I already have a wet face.  During my teen/college angst years the best rockers to stomp in the shower to were the power rockers of the mid-1990s.  Alanis Morrisette had the angry chic stuff down while Matchbox Twenty had the ultimate "I'm mad and need to release the aggression" song called Push.
It was beyond fantastic to hear that Matchbox Twenty was releasing a new album and going on tour.  The icing on the cake was that Alanis Morrisette was coming along for the ride.  I bought my ticket to MSG for the concert.  Only problem was the show took place last Thursday meaning I was still on crutches.  Not ideal for getting to the show or on my front row seat of section 206.  It was so difficult that I had to be wheelchaired out to the street.  The tragedy of it all was that I didn't get to hear Matchbox Twenty's Push because it was the final song of the encore and I had to leave before to meet my car.  It was purely tragic.  I did get some great shots of the bands.  So the test of my new camera came out brilliant but the pain wasn't worth it.

Injury Update

Friday was a momentous day.  I met a new doctor and paid another co-pay.  Woo hoo!  But the highlight was that now I get to sport a very attractive fiber glass cast that stretches from my knee to the base of my toes.  It is super hot!  The only problem is that it is heavier than the last cast so more muscle development in my legs, arms, back, etc. as I climb four flights of stairs each day.  Just what I need to do...tone up.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Broken Ankle

Truly I don't know why I have lost the ability to walk without falling; but my clumsiness has struck again.  This past weekend I fell while visiting Claire in CT and obtained a hairline fracture and severe sprain of my left ankle.  Why oh why can't I walk down a stair without falling flat on my face?  At least now I have two sets of crutches for any other "emergency".

Some beauty shots of my broken ankle.  As a precaution...these pictures aren't pretty but my toes are.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Bring on the Falls

Having recently visited Niagara Falls with the family I am now most intrigued by waterfalls. This summer I will get to experience waterfalls like never before because the East River will have four man-made ones from July to October. New York is hoping to use this art installation as motivation for tourism to increase, a la "The Gates" from February 2005. You better believe I will be taking my fancy new camera to document the falling water to share with all of you.

Click here for more information on the upcoming falls.

Always Be

Jimmy Eat World recently released their latest single "Always Be", love, love this song. Not sure how I feel about the video though. Watch it and tell me what you think.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Rude Awakening I'm aware that New York is constantly changing and I'm more than in favor of new fun places to see, eat, or experience joining the greatest city in the land; HOWEVER, apparently I'm not okay with something new when it occurs outside my apartment. That's when I get cranky.

Every morning for the last week or two I have been unpleasantly awoken but the loudest banging, clanging noise ever. It is somewhat shocking that I wake up because I'm a deep sleeper, my bedroom door is always closed and the banging comes from construction located across the street!

This rude awakening by the always pleasant construction men will continue until mid-2009. At the conclusion of the construction will stand a very large what New Yorkers refer to as a "luxury building" (i.e. elevators, doorman, gym & roof top access). So the biggest tragedy of all is that I get to deal with this building and all the noise necessary to complete it and don't have a snow ball's chance in you know where of being able to move into it and enjoy the doorman, elevator, laundry, gym & roof top access.

This is the part where you feel great sympathy for me and my plight. :)

Here's the proof. 

Friday, February 01, 2008

Blasted Ankle

On December 4th I fell crossing the street in front of my apartment.  It was the kind of fall where another person has to literally pick you up from the ground and then you grasp street light because your ankle can't hold your weight.  It was not a fun situation trying to climb my four flights of stairs after that incident.  My good friend Netter went with me to the ER for some doctoring and crutches.  I did my exercises, used the crutches and tried to pay more attention to where I was walking.

I give this background because tonight in the pouring rain I fell AGAIN on the same ankle.  It became swollen and painful all over again.  I'm annoyed because of the street holes in New York, the pounding rain and the fact that my ankle hurts like the devil.  There goes my big plans of partying all weekend long.  Gosh darn it!