Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Chopping Block

while riding in a cab returning home from stake conference with Elder Holland, netter dealt some bad news to me. two of my shows were cancelled. it was truly tragic because the networks didn't give them a chance especially after the writer's strike cut into their debuts.

i bid you a fond and sincere farewell Dirty Sexy Money and Eli Stone. i shall miss your musical numbers and overdramatic cat fights while sifting through the reality show retardation which shall take your place.

i hope no other stellar ensemble shows like Brothers & Sisters or Heroes find themselves on the chopping block otherwise, my netflix subscription will have to go from 2 movies to 3 movies.

Friday, November 21, 2008

a new chapter in my life called...

cub scouts. tonight i attend my first pack meeting. honestly, i'm a little afraid. i like the cub scouters but the organization itself scares me. first, what the heck is a webelo? the bear and wolf i get but the webelo throws me.

i guess the fear and trepidation stems from my mother's aggrevation and irritation with getting my three brothers' Eagle Projects put together and completed. but the cub scouts don't need to worry about that until they hit the big time AKA the Boy Scouts.

wish me luck in my inaugural journey into the world of scouting. as long as i don't have to pitch a tent or go on a 50-miler all will be well.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

the Befores

a few more Holiday "before" pictures:

the Macy's windows (unveiled day after Thanksgiving)

Rockefeller Rink minus the Tree

Saks Fifth Avenue windows shielded by Swarvoski drapery

random "next blog"

had some time on my hands so opted to click the "next blog" button shown on my webpage. interesting that of my 8-9 "next" clicks that not one of the blogs was written in english. had a bunch of spanish and french blogs, an japanese or chinese blog and some middle eastern language. it just goes to show that the world is a very big place that can fit onto a very small tableau known as Blogger.

Battle Royale

it has come...the battle between BYU and Utah takes place on the football field at Rice-Eccles Stadium this Saturday. i'm very much looking forward to trying to watch the game (don't get me started on The Mtn.) and hoping for an outcome that is less dramatic than years past.

obviously i hope my boys in blue wipe the floor with the utes, but i also hope that it is a fair fight and no injuries occur. thinking about the game and potential outcomes had me reflecting on past great Cougar football moments especially when a win against Utah is on the line.

Enjoy "Magic Happens 2.1"

Primary Life

about two months ago i was asked to serve in the primary presidency of my ward. honestly i have never been in a presidency so my thought was that it couldn't be that difficult. i was wrong and i was right about that statement.

i am the secretary which means i'm the implementer. this role is perfect for me because i like to plan and then watch projects materialize and be completed. who knew that so much was necessary to implement though. of course it didn't help that they made the presidency change three weeks before the primary program. oh good times.

one thing i will say is that my Sunday meetings fly by. no more checking the watch for ticks that will take me closer to noon. instead i barely have a breath to sit and reflect on the wonderful spirits there are in the primary room.

its the meetings i'm not a fan of. i have a whole new perspectivie for my religious leaders because their meetings start much earlier and more frequently than mine do. no more complaints out of me.

Friday, November 14, 2008

It's Beginning to look alot like...

...the preparations for the Holiday Season are underway. I wanted to do a "before & after" photo essay. here are the before photos:

Wiring for 57th Street/5th Avenue Star

Platform for the Rockefeller Tree - arrived today amongst fan fare

No heralding angels and Saks Store Snowflake show is installed but yet to be running

I Think I Can Dance...

last thursday, the SYTYCD posse headed to Jersey to see the live tour. this was a surprisingly easy quick trip via NJ Transit. big mike, dancing queen, netter and i enjoyed some of our favorite routines from the past season like the door, bed, briefcase, and pole dances. some highlights:

Friday, November 07, 2008

Even as a child...

...my love of New York City was apparent. During a conversation with my co-workers Jersey Girl and Pharmacist I realized that my favorite restaurant as a child growing up in Mesa, Arizona was "The Big Apple". A coincidence, I think not.

I will have to make sure Big Mike and I go there while in town to enjoy the sunshine and attend NBA All Star Weekend.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Walking through the Park on a Saturday

my friends Artiste and CA Lady asked me to take some pictures of them in the Park for their Christmas card.  i jumped at the chance to enjoy a walk through the Park during some spectacular colors on the trees.  we ended up doing a double session of snapping pics - one in dusk lighting and the other in early morning sunshine.  i definitely have my favorite pics of my subjects.  here are just a few as well as spectacular color.

i encourage all to try and experience an East Coast fall at least once in their life. it is breath-taking.

'Tis the Season

tonight i made my Christmas playlist.  amazing how quickly the holiday season rolls around each year.  i know that technically we still have the wonderful holiday of Thanksgiving to enjoy, but walking in stores fully decked out in the colors of the Christmas season it is hard to not get caught up in the early holiday magic.  playing the music just adds to the magic.

after finding out the results of our sibling Christmas gifting raffle, i've thought about what i could give to Sunshine and Pookie that would be meaningful and not necessarily standard gifting procedure of a DVD, CD or gift card to Applebee's.  my attitude towards gifting and receiving has become one of "precious moments" rather than "stuff."  i think the holiday season can be so much more than just shopping for names on a list.  now that i have put all this pressure on myself to find that meaningful precious moment gift for my brother and sister-in-law, i hope i don't disappoint.