Sunday, August 28, 2011

this week's simple moments - transportation edition

1.  while sitting on the bus i saw a man drop a jacket, another man grabbed it, ran to the man, and handed it to him with a smile
2.  chose to ride the subway home where i saw a middle aged man in full clown costume and makeup (but without the wig - thank goodness) grab his briefcase and get on the uptown 6 train to read the New York Times
3.  sang along to numerous boy band hits while driving in clare's beloved daisy, which is the perfect vehicle for boy band singing and dancing
4.  wanted to walk home on tuesday evening but wasn't wearing flip flops so alas...
5.  had one of the saddest train rides ever on saturday morning.  the train took me back to new york city after saying farewell to one of my best friends before she moves to utah.  truly hated that train ride.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

a little bit of city shaking

about 2pm today there was an earthquake in new york city.  the epicenter was in virgina.  the funny thing was how nervous everyone got.  to me it really wasn't a big deal because i've been through numerous earthquakes based on my youth in the bay area of california.  i was the calm, cool and collected one in the office while the "lived all my life on the east coast" peeps became absolutely unhinged by about 8 seconds of shaking.

around 3pm i went outside to get some air.  was sitting on 6th avenue when a woman came up to ask myself and the woman next to me if we had felt the earthquake.  we both said yes and so she asked where we were when we felt it.  the woman next to me said how she was nervous by the shaking.  i told her i was from the west coast so it didn't match any of the others i had previously been in.  can you guess which one of us the nbc4 news channel lady chose to interview on camera?  i'll give you one guess.

Friday, August 19, 2011

happy anniversary to me

this past wednesday was the 10 year anniversary of my graduation with a BA in art history from brigham young university.  i remember the day clearly.  it was gorgeous.  my family and i had to get up at the crack of dawn for my commencement ceremony and diploma distribution held at the de jong concert hall in the HFAC.  i also remember a man approaching me and offering $150 if i would give him my cap and gown so he could be done with his studies.  there was absolutely NO way i was going to make that trade because the cap and gown i wore symbolized lots of hard work, friendships, conversations, education, social interaction, spiritual growth and independence. 

i'll sometimes say that byu for me was the best and worst years of my life.  i think that is the truth about most people and their college experiences.  i definitely gained an education but what i am most grateful for is the people i met and befriended.  those bonds are as strong as ever even though i rarely if ever see my friends anymore.  somehow the things that drove me crazy about my time there have slipped out of my memory.

my choice to apply to only one school after high school paid off and continues to be a blessing as i watch my nephews and nieces develop a love for byu.  still seems kinda crazy that i am the only byu graduate of my siblings after all of the annual summer treks my family took to worship at the cougareat, deseret towers and richards building.

so thank you byu. my time spent in a relationship with you gave me opportunities to know amazing people, study hard or not at all as the case may be, cheer loudly for the byu cougars in the football stadium, marriott center or fieldhouse, live on my own for the first time, develop an everlasting and extremely special relationship with my grandpappy and grandma jewel, learn about financial responsibility and give me experience to lead me on my life's journey which ultimately led me home to new york city.

a very happy 10th anniversary to me and byu.  i think i'll celebrate with a cupcake from magnolia bakery.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

personal realization #6

i have this recurring nightmare...i'm getting married but don't want to marry the man but can't call it off.  it is an absolutely horrible feeling to know something isn't right but not changing it.  or feeling powerless to change it.  well last night i had a variation of this nightmare.  instead of knowing the man i was marrying i was instead marrying by proxy meaning someone else stood up during the ceremony.  i had no idea who i was marrying.  can't imagine making the choice to marry someone you don't know.  woke up thinking singledom wasn't such a horrible scenario after that nightmare variation.

i always remember my dreams.  not sure why that happens.  i will sometimes try to stay asleep so that i can finish the dream.  have remembered my dreams since i was a youngster.  the scary part is that on multiple occasions i've had dreams that have later happened.  i think it is a blessing to help prepare me for something that is possibly going to be difficult.  really truly and sincerely hoping this scenario doesn't happen in real life.

so what does this recurring nightmare mean?  do i want to get married but terrified about my ability to choose the right person?  are my skills to make changes if i feel something isn't right seriously lacking?  am i too likely to make others happy at my own expense?  did my parents' divorce completely warp me regarding marriage and should i get into therapy ASAP?  any thoughts blog-o-sphere peeps?  any takers on analyzing my recurring nightmare?

Monday, August 15, 2011

head on fire portrait

clare took this picture of me from my birthday in the park.  loved the light beaming on top of my head and i wasn't even wearing my tiara at the time.

Friday, August 12, 2011

crossing the pond!

going to london!  we couldn't let the royal wedding derail our plan for a trip to the UK this year.  excited to fly across the pond!  i'm sure october is just as beautiful a month to travel to the british isles as is april.  ready to dive with both feet into the british life.  mostly ready to listen to men speak to me in a british accent and pretend they are mr. darcy, captain wentworth, mr. thornton, mr. rochester, etc.  so now you know the truth...i bought a ticket to london to hear men talk in a british accent.  have no regrets for that choice.

also we bought tickets to see les miserables in the west end because alfie boe is starring as jean val jean.  he was the amazing singer who performed the role for the 25th anniversary concert at the O2.  exceptionally excited to see this man in the flesh performing songs that made me fall in love with theater.  it's ok to be jealous right now.  :)

just a little over a couple of months until our trip.  now just have to find the best and most cost effective 2 bedroom flat we will be renting for the week because it is just a better deal than a hotel room.  trust me. 

still open to any suggestions of great day trip suggestions.  plan to head to bath and possibly edinburgh, scotland.  but netter will be the one doing all the driving.

Friday, August 05, 2011

this week's simple moments

1.  walking past long line of people waiting to buy tickets to a movie - i opted to use the kiosk inside where there was no line
2.  taking a "roller coaster" bus ride home along the torn up/about to be paved madison avenue
3.  putting my rockefeller center priviledge card to good use for a $3 discount to top of the rock
4.  keeping my cool while stuck in a cab veering through horrible traffic on way to see "crazy stupid love" at kips bay AMC theater
5.  water trough set up outside my office for people to fill their water bottles with good tasting NYC tap water
6.  wearing my bright red lipstick twice
7.  making it through one of the longest work weeks of my life
8.  co worker getting me four free tickets to see the Andrea Bocelli concert in central park on september 15th!
9.  no impulse purchases to celebrate my birthday (i.e. no HDTV, chair, pearls, etc)
10.  fake fighting with clare on the street where an older couple said "we need to walk away from them" - it was hilarious and kinda awesome

Thursday, August 04, 2011

my birthday through pictures

and there you birthday 2011.  thanks to netter and clare for playing with me for the entire weekend and letting me take their picture over and over again.  you are the best friends a girl can have.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

why hello british boys who dance...

i am fully invested in "so you think you can dance" this summer.  been highly enjoyable.  every time i watch these shows i just want to bust a move. 

recently i learned the brits introduced the show to their bbc owned television viewers.  while trolling for routines by our friends across the pond i found the below top 4 guys group routine stood out.  it was choreographed by mandy moore and coincidentily she used a good portion of the routine for tadd and all star lauren's jazz number last week.

love me some men with british accents who know how to shake their groove thing.  am i right or am i right?  behold, for your viewing pleasure...

also because i have generally always enjoyed mandy's routines, i am sharing another standout performed last week by an amazing dancer named melanie (wink wink) and the always hot tamale train rider, neil.  doesn't hurt that the song chosen is a guilty pleasure of mine.