Sunday, May 13, 2012

let me introduce you to Ed Sheeran

a few weeks ago i attended a snow patrol concert.  i attended two nights in a row...but that's a whole other blog post about stub hub fraud.  any way, i bought the tickets for netter and i.  when i mentioned the opening act was one british lad named Ed Sheeran she was even more stoked (are people still using 'stoked' to describe excitement?) to buy tickets.  i was confused having never heard of young british mr. sheeran.  

she took me back to the time we spent in a music store while on vacation in london.  she was very excited to purchase cds in said store by artists that hadn't released music in the states as yet.  one of the special cds was by, you guessed it, ed sheeran.  

i was happy for her because i know how great it is to hear favorite artists live.  the thing i didn't count on was falling in love with ed myself.  just goes to show yet again that netter has excellent taste in music (minus a few artists that i just can't embrace).  his set was SO good.  i would have been very happy to allow him some extra minutes even if it meant waiting longer for the always fabulous snow patrol.

so now i have tickets to the ed sheeran show at the bowery ballroom in june.  the tickets are currently being sold on stub hub for over $120.  i didn't pay that much and will NOT be selling them.  actually counting the days until i enter that venue that holds about 300 people to rock out with my new favorite brit...ed sheeran!  and props once again to netter. 

enjoy my favorite song from his about to be released on june 12 "+" album.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

the night i was giddy

about a month ago i went to the theater with netter.  we had tickets to see newsies.  it's a play based on the disney movie from 1992.  if you have never seen newsies i encourage you to get yourself to the netflix list and order it immediately.  this movie is still one of the "fond" memories i have of my childhood relationship with big lug.  he might not admit it but i think he really liked the movie and definitely knows all the words to "i'm the king of new york".  i actually really want him to come to new york before the limited engagement of the show is over.  

but i digress...

from the moment the orchestra started the overture i had the cheesiest grin on my face.  that grin and happy endorphins never left my body for the next close to three hours.  the show was SOOO good and actually improved, plot wise, on the original movie.  the actors were amazing, the lighting was great but the dancing was IN-CRED-I-BLE!  the choreographer just received a well deserved Tony nomination for his work.  

i've seen many, many, many broadway shows in the almost 10 years that i've been a new york city resident.  this show was pure joy and fun.  i would love to see it once a month until it is scheduled to end in august just so i can embrace that feeling of joy and fun.  if you are coming to new york, have potential plans to come to new york, or even have no plans to come to new york i would recommend thinking about adding a showing of newsies to your itinerary.  it will be worth it.

say hello to matt bomer

i have wanted to upgrade my tv for awhile now.  not that my love for Ed had wavered but it was time to make the leap to 1080p and multiple hdmi ports instead of the one that Ed had.  i did my research and decided on a 46" samsung HDTV.  two saturdays ago my friend and i took a zipcar to the best buy on 117th street and east end in harlem to buy my new tv.  

thankfully my co-worker was in the mood to upgrade his family's tv wanted to buy Ed.  it made me feel good that Ed was going to a good home and my co-worker was willing to drive into the city to pick up the tv.  

the moment i turned on the new tv i knew what his name would be.  i chose to name my new tv after the most beautiful man i have ever met in matt bomer.  (thank you gooch for taking me with you to the white collar set so i could meet him.)

now i get to watch beautifully clear, picture quality on my new tv.  and just so you know, there is a difference between 720p and 1080p.  trust me.

oh and for any doubters as to the real life beauty of seeing matt bomer in the flesh, below is a picture of matt, my friend C, tim dekay and i on the white collar set.  boo-yah!

a night to be 15 years old again

there are only a few albums that i sincerely love from start to finish.  the first one that i can remember is "no need to argue" by the cranberries.  i bought that CD from a music store at paseo nuevo in santa barbara, california with money from my 15th birthday.  i enjoyed the cranberries subsequent albums but i never saw them in person and they broke up in the late 90s so my chances of rocking out to live performances of ode to my family, no need to argue, you and me just weren't going to happen.  until...

...i got an email from my buddy, ticketmaster, to let me know that the cranberries were back with a new album AND coming to a concert venue near me!  i immediately sent at email to my same general age as me friends inviting them to enjoy the fun of the cranberries.  we bought our tickets and headed to the venue on friday, may 4th.  

the concert was so much fun!  being there reminded me of my 15 year old self rocking out in my bedroom to music.   maybe that is the reason i love concerts so much...because i generally love the emotional response and the chance to remember the fun and joy the music produced.  so thank you the cranberries for a great night of music, fun, emotion and remembering how great it was to be 15 years old.