Monday, February 28, 2011

for the love of andre & pete

my first celebrity crushes weren't musicians or actors; instead they were tennis players.  i loved pete sampras and andre agassi.  loved their atheleticism.  loved their rivalry.  loved their flair (well andre's).  loved their grace.  loved their creativity.  loved their competitive nature.  just loved watching them play.

i've never had the opportunity to see pete sampras play in the flesh.  have been able to enjoy the mastery of andre at the us open on numerous occasions.  it was beautiful to watch.

tonight my teenage crushes are playing at madison square garden.  thank goodness for espn2 to show it for free on my big television.  love that these men still love to play and enjoy the competition.  thank you for the wonderful memories and allowing me to fall in love with you and tennis.

click for absolute favorite tennis commercial ever made by nike with my two tennis boyfriends.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

travel responsibility

last weekend netter and i had a bit of a pow-wow to discuss travel plans.  in the course of this discussion we realized that there is quite a bit of travel in the plans for 2011.  together we travel in january to disney world, june is charleston, july is chicago for my birthday and i personally have utah in july, indiana in september and utah in march.  we also realized that we each need the miles on our chosen airline to keep our status.  small little problem is our airlines are no longer friends which means we have to fly separately.

in our quest to plan for spain in april we looked at all possible options.  we couldn't come up with a way to get there without one of us losing miles or the cost being exorbitantly expensive.  hence, we elected to be responsible and save spain for another day.  instead we're going to head to san francisco for a little long weekend and each earn over 5000 miles. 

this will be only the second year in 8 years that a trip to europe will not happen.  and that's ok.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

hooray for bank mergers

on a recent trip to times square with clare to check out the new and improved disney store i saw to my delight a small alcove on the corner of 45th and 7th avenue with two wells fargo ATMs housed inside.  it made me giddy with excitement.  i even made a point to tell netter all about my discovery the next day.

why would ATMs make me so giddy you ask?  the reason is simple.  all of my primary banking is done via wells fargo bank.  my first checking acocunt at college was through a bank that was bought by wells fargo.  since i wasn't entirely sure of my longevity in NYC, i opted to keep banking with wells fargo.  when it became apparent i wasn't going anywhere i chose to open a bank of america account strictly for withdrawing cash and depositing the random checks i receive.  still did all of my "main" banking with wells fargo.  up until now, there wasn't an ATM in the 1,000s of miles vicinity of my home.

that has all changed!  wells fargo purchased wachovia many moons ago and on my cab ride home from the previously mentioned plain white t's show i saw MULTIPLE wells fargo bank branches lit in their customary red and gold lighting.  there is even one across the street from my office!

this might not seem like an exciting topic for my 450th blog post but to me it means financial abilities that were previously unavailable to me.  i can walk into a branch and get a certified check if i want.  i can pull cash whenever i want without buying a bottle of water and opting for cash back from the local CVS.  the opportunities are endless!

the first $40 removed from Wells Fargo ATM in Manhattan!

today's lesson is don't ever take your local fee-free ATM for granted and welcome westward migration of all that is good.  next order of business - bj's restaurant for an occasional pizookie.

concert #1 of 2011

attended my first concert of 2011 last night.  it was very enjoyable.  netter and i indulged by purchasing $20 tickets to see the plain white t's at highline ballroom. 

this was our third night together and it didn't disappoint.  best part for me was netter and i were able to score seats at the tabletops located on the upper level bar.  this meant unobstructed view and the ability to get dinner and beverages in a leisurely fashion. 

the unexpected highlight was the opening band parachute.  very much enjoyed their set.  well done boys.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

the news boys are coming

loved the disney movie "newsies".  boys singing and dancing...yes please!  have had a few conversations with friends about how the movie could be turned into a broadway musical to the delight of fans the world over. 

turns out someone agrees with me.  they are staging a musical that will be playing at the paper mill playhouse in new jersey in september.  will definitely grab a zip car to enjoy the music, dancing and possibly see christian bale in the audience singing along to santa fe.  let's seize the day...

how i spent my weekend

friends and family, prepare to be very jealous after reading how i spent my weekend in the greatest city in the world.  you've been warned...

saturday morning woke up around 8:30am.  made breakfast.  did the dishes that had piled up.  made a "cleaning" playlist on iPhone.  plugged in iPhone to apartment speaker system.  started cleaning.  dusted.  vacuumed, washed window sills, reorganized DVD/Blu-rays, plumped couch cushions, swept the floor, took out trash and recyclables, scrubbed tub and shower, reorganized under sink items, cleaned sink, swept floor, disinfected toilet, stripped bed, swept floor, dusted, reorganized books on bookshelf, dusted picture frames and then did five loads of laundry.  washed sheets, towels, clothes, bathroom floor mats and blanket.  folded laundry and put it away.  ate scrambled eggs for dinner.  rotated mattress and made bed.  slept.

sunday was church.  as only member of primary presidency i had to set up the classrooms and primary room.  run opening exercises for both junior and senior.  teach sharing time for both junior and senior.  do the five minute door knock reminder.  count attendance.  submit receipts for reimbursement.  took a nap.  went to hang out with my friend who recently had surgery.  talked about life choices and which boy band from the 90s was the best.  (my pick is still 'n sync).  made dinner of frozen weight watchers meal.  watched les miserables 25th anniversary blu-ray.  went to bed and slept.

monday came.  made bed.  ate french toast for breakfast with hot chocolate.  burnt cinnamon rolls.  did dishes.  took nap.  watched linkin park concert on tv.  showered.  met netter for pampering.  got a manicure and pedicure.  browsed best buy.  went home and ordered food from barking dog with netter.  netter and i spent the next 3 hours trying to figure out our 2011 travels.  got frustrated with cost of trip to spain.  made decision to forego spain this year and just enjoy long weekends in the great cities of the u.s. of a.  threw away remnants of barking dog dinner.  read.  slept.

tuesday...slept through my alarm.  arrived at work an hour late.

didn't i tell you that you would become green with envy over the excitement and level of cool in which i lead my life in new york city.  i apologize if i burst your bubble that i get glammed up, eat at fancy restaurants, see broadway shows every weekend or have someone to clean and do my laundry.  it just isn't true.  i do everything you have to do in your life.  i just do it by myself and have to pay more.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

the little thought that is still being ignored

ever had a thought come into your head over and over again but you just ignored it due to its absolutely ridiculous nature?  i've been fighting such a thought for a couple of months.  it's been getting increasingly difficult to not spend a little time pondering the ramifications if i chose to finally delve into the effects of making this choice.  it makes no sense and i actively didn't choose to bring this little information morsel into my consciousness. 

the fight continues between actually thinking about making this choice or ignoring it by listening to music by jimmy eat world, linkin park or snow patrol.  good thing i love all these bands because they might be on constant rotation until the inevitable happens.

thanks to my childhood buddy heidi for talking to me about the topic without even knowing about my little not going away thought...

Friday, February 18, 2011

this week's simple moments

1.  i love travel by train (of the non-subway variety)
2.  it's ok to spend lots of money to fly to utah when i know it will be my "cheapest" vacation this year
3.  took subway home two nights ago
4.  loves the 60+ degree weather today but is very cognizant that it won't last
5.  eating at two suburban chains today - PF Chang's and Cheesecake Factory

Friday, February 11, 2011

maybe next year british isles

best laid plans are sometimes complicated by outside forces.  this is what happened to our british isles vacation 2011.  as previously posted the royal wedding is taking place smack dab in the middle of netter's and my time in europe this year.  this means that costs for flights, hotels, rental cars, food and every other tourism industry produced commodity at the very least doubled in price.  these increases coupled with the fact that the pound kicks the dollar's "booty" meant that netter and i needed to do some re-evaluating of our european vacation destination. 

in a cramped sitting area of la guardia airport whilst waiting to board our plane to florida we decided to enjoy the abundant beauties of spain.  i'm excited to enjoy the visual wonder of guadi in barcelona, the art and food of madrid and maybe make netter drive through spanish countryside avoiding sheep. 

the conclusion to this story is that i forgive william and kate for messing with the prices of my british isles vacation because there are still plenty of places to go and see in europe.  if there weren't these alternate options then i might be less likely to offer my full forgiveness.

j.c. wiatt's fashion choice explained

in the late 80's diane keaton starred in the movie baby boom.  it tells the story of a hardened new york business woman named j.c. wiatt who inherits a baby from obscure relatives and must learn how to adapt her life to this new role.  it is funny, heart warming and reminds us all where to focus our priorities. 

however, i remember watching this movie as a youth and being disgusted with one of the film images.  i saw images of women walking speedily down the street wearing business suits with SNEAKERS!  the horror.  the disgust.  the fashion outrage.  how could a woman pair a nice, classy ensemble with something so loathesome as sneakers?  i searched for answers and have finally come to understand the motivation of the costume designers to put sneakers on the extras' feet.

i wear sneakers to work.  my nice, classy ensembles end with sneakers on my feet every morning.  this is because i walk from the subway to my rock center office or from my apartment to the bus stop on a daily basis.  i do lots of walking (on average about 3 miles a day).  no one in their right frame of mind wants to do that much walking in high heels, sparkly sandals or even loafers when they can opt for the comfort of sneakers.  the pinching and ball of foot pain comes when i get to work and open my drawer filled with vast amounts of heels, flats, loafers and other shoes to wear with my professional outfit.

to those who still seek answers to the question posed earlier, i invite you to leave your car keys at home.  walk to your work, school, grocery store or other errand whilst wearing your highest heels.  then maybe the answer will come to you as it did to me.

Friday, February 04, 2011

this week and last week's simple moments

1.  i really don't like ice storms
2.  another piece of evidence proving my entertainment addictive nature - big bang theory
3.  knowledge that i'm seriously out of shape thanks to my first advanced beginning jazz dance class
4.  nephew told me he just wanted to the two of us to go to BYU men's volleyball game in march
5.  perfectly acceptable to order a slice of key lime pie after brunching on eggs benedict and bacon
6.  six hours of karaoke singing is best followed by a trip to visit pinkberry
7.  hoping to eventually switch the swing direction on my refrigerator door - seems hard to do
8.  two morning alarms can fail at the same time
9.  never agree to assist my co-worker ken in finding the hidden tennis court in grand central station
10.  tired of wearing my snow boots daily

apparently fenway park takes precedence

gooch, netter and i bought tickets for the new kids on the block and backstreet boys concert to be held on long island in june.  the three of us were a bit giddy to see this boy band super group as well as spend some time on the beautiful long island beaches.  that was until...

a week ago the newly monikered NKOTBSB announced they would be performing at fenway park.  i was happy for the boys of boston to get this rare treat.  then the other shoe dropped...the date chosen for this once in a lifetime show was the same date as our long island concert.  hence, they had to reschedule our show for sunday, july 31st. 

normally i would be all about some boy band love on my birthday but this year i have my heart set on hanging out in chicago.  a city i've never been to.  it was a quandry of epic porportion.  but in the end since NKOTBSB forsook me on june 12th, i've decided to foresake them and head to chicago for some deep dish pizza and extravagant shopping on the magnificent mile.  something tells me that they won't miss my attendance amongst the sea of 25 - 45 year old women in the audience.