Friday, April 20, 2012

this week's simple moments

1.  dinner with my walnut creek friends at parma.  great conversation and fabulous food.
2.  spent lots of time scouring the racks at ann taylor and ann taylor loft for friends & family 40% off
3.  swapped my winter sweaters and wool pants for springtime cotton and linen
4.  finally used an earned 25% off coupon my full purchase at the local CVS
5.  sold Ed to my co-worker.  i will miss him.  now it's time to buy a new TV!
6.  patiently waiting until 12pm in order to buy tickets to ed sheeran show at bowery ballroom
7.  started following gary lightbody from snow patrol on twitter - he's funny
8.  played online game to obtain free single from forthcoming keane album out may 8th
9.  began preliminary research for fall vacation to spain
10. walked into mikimoto fifth avenue store and did not purchase anything...progress

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

new york on a warm spring day

i love instagram!  it is so fun to connect and learn about people via the photos they post.  kinda bummed that facebook decided to buy the company.  that mark zuckerberg better not add poking or other lame things to a great app.  

i posted the below picture recently.  it is one of my favorites.  taken from rockefeller center on a warm spring day.  you like?

ode to the passage of time

i remember thinking i wanted to be older when i was younger.  well my younger self, you are older.  the strange thing is i don't feel like i'm "older".  (as an FYI, i classify "older" as double the number of years when i had my original "i want to be older" can do the math).  i'm pretty sure i'm still mentally in my mid-20s where i'm trying to figure things out.  sometimes i succeed and sometimes i don't.  

the one thing this older stuff has granted is a greater appreciation for nice things.  i'm in negotiations to sell my current HDTV so i can get a bright and shiny new one.  i also am out of debt for the first time since i held my first VISA card.  i've traveled.  i've bought mountains and mountains of clothes that now mostly reside in the closet of my sister-in-law.  i own diamonds that i purchased with my own money.  i have no problem hailing a cab on a regular basis and first class travel should be an automatic each and every time i book a trip.

basically i wanted to be older so that i could experience life and do what i wanted with the money that i worked hard to earn.  the only problem is time is flying by now.  i literally can't grasp the fact that it is mid-April of 2012.  i blink my eyes and we've gone from monday to thursday.  a minute feels like a second and three days feels like one.  tell me i'm right.

i believe this fast rate of time can be directly related to how busy and "full" my life is at that moment.  if there are multiple things happening then you better believe time will speed up rapidly to make me feel like i can't quite get everything done.  so i plead with father time, PLEASE give me maybe another couple hours a day to keep myself from aging before my time.  granted, i would probably use those hours to sleep rather than accomplish something.   but who's counting.