Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Trek...a non-Pioneer variety

Waking up to roaring thunder, flaring lightning, and deafening rain drops on my air conditioner was not my idea of a good way to start the morning. I haven't seen or heard a storm like this morning since traveling on the Indian reservation from Arizona to Utah. Luckily this time I was tucked in my bed rather than driving through the storm.

The problem with storms in New York City is they effectively shut down the transportation system. I wasn't shocked to see the hundreds upon hundreds of people milling around the bus stops or trying in vain to hail a cab. In my mind I thought 5th Avenue would be a better place to find space on a bus. Boy was I wrong. Hundreds of people were there too.

There was only one mode of transportation left to me...walk. From my apartment to my work is about 2 1/2 miles. I like to walk home from work when it is nice weather outside. Today is a day that I would never choose to walk either to or from work. Unfortunately that was my final alternative.

Luckily for me I ran into a friend at about the half way point. We walked together which made the trek seem less hot, humid, annoying and painful. I reached my lovely out in the open desk at about 10am this morning. All because of stupid weather and the MTA's inability to provide emergency bus service when their subways stall.

Monday, August 06, 2007

A Birthday Tragedy

Friday night was about my main man Matt. Myself and 8 friends enjoyed the Bourne Ultimatum for my 29th birthday party. It was a great movie! Everyone go see it!

Tragically when I got home I realized that my constant companion, my joyful electronic, my mood generator known as the video iPod was gone! I searched my entire purse but alas no iPod. I loved my time with Matt Damon but I don't think losing my iPod was worth the two hours we spent together.

Farewell video iPod. I will truly miss you and won't have constant love from Matt Damon to make me feel better. :(

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Destination Birthday

Next year is a big age instead of throwing a destination wedding I have opted to throw a destination birthday party.

I will be here for my 2008 destination birthday. Are you green with envy?

Nothing better than waking up and seeing this view out your window.

SYTYCD Prediction - Top 8

Last night's show proved that your partner can make all the difference in determining a good or mediocre performance. Here is my review of the performances:

Couple 1 - Danny & Sara
I liked their Argentine Tango because Danny didn't dance like a robot and Sara came out with guns blazing. The fan stuck down Sara's boot during the dance could not have been comfortable. I love that they both went for it.
There hip hop routine was "ok". I think that Shane Sparks could have given a little more meatier movement but alas, the dancers have to dance what the choreographers give them. Thankfully Danny's little beret hat felt off mid-way because it was looking very ridiculous.

Couple 2 - Dominic & Lauren
After the second Krumping routine of the season I must say I still don't know why that style is different from hip hop. The dance performed last night seemed more like a hip hop than a krump.
I thought the dance was beautiful and they were very connected. Talk about trying to get some chemistry. The kiss at the end of their rhumba made me feel a little awkward. It screamed of desperation to garner votes and made me feel a little like..."how the crap did that fit into the dance." Probably wasn't in the original choreography version.

Couple 3 - Neil & Lacey
The show was trying to be all creative with their "latin jazz" category instead of straight up "jazz" or "Latin." That made me a little nervous because you have to master to styles of dance in one routine. I think they did well but the music was a poor, poor choice.
By far the best dance of the night was Mia Michael's ode to her father. At first I wasn't sure if I really felt the emotion but than I watched again and it became extremely touching. Neil & Lacey did a fantastic job connecting with each other and the music fit perfectly with the story.

Couple 4 - Pasha & Sabra
Their Broadway number was pure energy and fun. I felt like I was back at the theater watching the two leads of a musical strutting their stuff. However, I keep waiting for a Broadway number from the reigning musical Wicked to find it's way onto the show. I guess I'll keep waiting.
For some reason their quick step made me yawn. I totally noticed how Sabra almost fell out of her arabesque. They seemed like brother and sister running across the floor in left over Michael Jackson clothes. Beyond my opinion I know they are both going to be around until next week.

PREDICTION - I think that we will say farewell to Lauren and Dominic this week. I enjoyed watching you both and say thank you for the Wade Robson jazz and Mandy Moore contemporary routines with your previous partners. Well done!

Happy Birthday to Me

Happy Birthday to me on July 31st! I'm obsessed with my birthdays primarily because it is the one day where I can garner all the attention. I'm even okay with the fact that I share my July 31st birthday with my Aunt Janet and nephew Jimmy. It is fun to buy a card for family members that I know are blowing out candles the same day I am.

This year's celebration was somewhat low-key on Tuesday. As in years past, I made cupcakes to share with the co-workers. Jersey Girl and I had some good eats for lunch and she even bought me a birthday cookie. That night I got home and made some homemade manicotti for dinner before Netter, NicolEEE and Steph came over to read cheesy Teeny Bopper magazines provided by Netter. They sang to me and allowed me to blow out some candles on left over cupcakes. It was a good time.

The highlight was probably realizing that I have to will power to wait about 6 hours after receiving a gift before opening it. I couldn't have done that last year. Thanks to my Joani for allowing me to develop this new talent. "You light up my life."