Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Red is the new Pink

A look in my closet shows that the pink has virtually disappeared from my wardrobe. It has been replaced by red. Lots and lots of red. In deference to the new dominant color scheme I have opted to make red my new pink until either the pink returns or another color becomes dominant.

**I don't count black as a color in my wardrobe otherwise my blog would look very solemn and depressing.**

Come On...

I succumbed to the after Thanksgiving shopping bonanza on Saturday. Dancing Queen and I "accidently" found ourselves in Banana Republic after a yummy brunch at Corner Cafe. I have been looking for a plain black cardigan sweater for quite some time and low and behold, the BR came through. I bought this very nice sweater for probably 300% above the cost to make said sweater.

On Sunday I wore it to Church, yesterday I had it on for all of an hour and then this morning I layerd it on to complete my ensemble. While talking to my receptionist this morning the third button fell off. I probably buttoned that button a total of ONCE since I bought the thing on Saturday.

It really irked me that I spent hard earned money to buy a sweater and it falls apart after the third wearing of more than an hour. I just don't get it. But I will continue to patronize that stupid store because frankly there is one on just about every corner of the Manhattan universe. At least I go into Banana knowing what I'm getting so my ability to complain about it later is drastically reduced.

Stupid button on stupid (but necessary) overpriced sweater! Errrr!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

My Lists

'Tis the season to make lists.  Which is fabulous since I love lists or anything that causes me to plan something.  I'm currently working on the following lists:
  • Christmas Cards
  • Shopping List for family & friends
  • Wish List for myself
  • Places to visit for New York Fun Day
  • Budget for the Holidays
  • Dates & times of Christmas events
If you are a friend or family member please send me your wish lists for inspiration.  Otherwise there is every possibility you will receive a DVD movie from me.  

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

An Update...

The city is being filled with lights, trees, wreaths, music and overall holiday cheer. Almost everything that defines the Christmas season in New York is placed in its location for maximum photographic exposure. Some of the remaining components from my first holiday decor entry have been taken out of moth balls to hang in the air above 57th Street and 5th Avenue or to glisten along Avenue of the Americas.

Buildings throughout Manhattan also get into the holiday decorating spirit. My office building has yet to bring the 16 foot trees and greenery from the basement to the lobby. I love how festive and alive this city is during the holidays. As my first staying in New York Christmas approaches, I look forward to the ambiance and pagentry to only heighten.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Oh Sweet Jimmy

Jimmy rocked the house last Friday night. It was an overall great evening. Big Mike, Artiste and Claire met me at my office and we walked to Lasagna Restaurant on 2nd which was really enjoyable. Then took the lovely 57th Street crosstown bus to the venue. We randomly met some other Jimmy concert attendees heading over. The bus ride was also prime time for Big Mike to review the new tunes of Chase This Light.

I had never been to the venue before. It was a decent venue with good sound. We girls dropped off our purses and coats and headed into the crowds with two of the tallest men in the venue. We didn't endear ourselves to those standing behind. However, we were quite nice and moved towards the rear since three out of the four of us had a clear view over the shorter heads.

They played a great selection of songs from all of their albums. My highlights were Kill, Always Be, Carry You, 23 and Hear You Me. My all time favorite was performed as the first of the encore. They re-arranged their Your House song and it was fantastic! Take a moment to enjoy the goodness.

After the show Artiste risked bodily injury and illness to grab us a cab in the pouring rain. Thanks man! It was a great time had by all the Jimmy junkies. I can hardly wait to see them again in Florida.

Friday, November 09, 2007

And So It Begins...

...the 2007 Holiday Season has started! Walking around the city I have noticed that many decorations/events are starting to spring up.

The following is a current list of the Holiday preparations for 2007 in New York City:

  • Today, the Rockefeller Tree arrived in the Plaza. Here is a slideshow of the tree's removal and arrival.
  • The Macy's Herald Square windows will be unveiled on Sunday November 18th with the SantaLand beginning at the conclusion of the Thanksgiving Day Parade on Thursday the 22nd.
  • Saks Fifth Avenue's Snowflake Show is primed and ready. The "Carol of the Bells" will run every two minutes each half hour.
  • Skaters are already enjoying the rinks at Rockefeller, Bryant Park and Wollman.
  • Radio City has their marquee tree with the domino falling soldiers
  • Tickets have been purchased for the NY Pops Holiday Concert

    A couple of the remaining components to usher in the holiday season are the 57th Street Star and the 6th Avenue Ornaments. I'm sure I'll see those arriving in the next few weeks especially after Thanksgiving next Thursday.

    All of these components also mean that New York Fun Day is just around the corner! Hooray!

Silver Medallion

I love traveling to fun and foreign lands. This year I have made treks to Italy, California, Indiana and a couple of times to Utah. All of these trips have banked over 23,000 miles in my Delta SkyMiles bank. In order to get the perks of Delta flying you have to accumulate 25,000 Medallion miles. I'm only 1700 miles away from the perks of complimentary 1st class upgrades, 125% bonus miles and pre-boarding.

Are the perks worth planning a random trip to earn those ellusive 1700 miles? YES!

Based on the number of times I will be flying next year, it made sense to me to book a quick weekend trip to obtain those pesky last few miles to gain Silver Medallion status. Therefore...I'm heading to Florida for a weekend in December! As luck would have it I'm heading to Orlando where Jimmy Eat World just happens to be performing at the House of Blues. And the venue for their show happens to be across the street from a Cheesecake Factory. I don't think anything could have worked out more wonderfully.

The conclusion to this little dilemma is that I get Silver Medallion perks for all of 2008, will rock out (again) to Jimmy, eat some more yummy Cheesecake Factory grub and enjoy my first sojourn to Florida. Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to me!

Ready to Rock

Tonight is the Jimmy Eat World show at Terminal 5! I'm very excited especially because they are going to play a great mixture of old and new based on posted set lists. The rockers joining me are Artiste, Claire and Big Mike. It's great because both Artiste and Big Mike are tall which makes it easy to spot them in the crowd should we get separated.

Another reason why I love New York, great venues with great musicians.