Sunday, April 29, 2007

Annual Conservatory Garden Trek

The annual trek to the Conservatory Garden in Central Park occured today. Flowers, trees and watery fountains were in full bloom. I truly feel like this day is the beginning and in a way, the end of spring. I love Conservatory Garden trek day. Here are some shots from the Garden.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Back in the Waldorf Nest

Our embattled leader, George W. Bush has flown back to the Waldorf Astoria nest. Luckily it has been a good six months since his last visit. Those months off have allowed me to be less annoyed, resentful and irritated by the current barricades, guard dogs, passive cops chatting and change to my commuting course. Luckily this visit is extremely short. I believe the eagle leaves after one short nignt in the Waldorf nest. Thankfully he didn't bring a couple hundred U.N. leaders and dignitaries with him this time.

In all honesty, this latest visit will prompt me to walk home today to enjoy the warm sunshine and spring flowers along Park Avenue.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

It's Spring!

Finally, it's spring! It began on Friday and continued through the whole weekend. It has been months and months since New York saw a string of 60/70 degree weather. The gorgeouse weather made it imperative that I be outside as long as possible. I dusted off my Reef flip flops and took to the park of New York with Netter and Dancing Queen. It was a fantastic weekend in the springtime sunshine.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bedroom Redecoration

I made another step up on the "I'm an adult" ladder. I purchased a bedroom set all my own. Finally I don't own other people's castoffs; instead I bribed my buddy Netter to put together three pieces of furniture until 2:00am. The end result was a bedroom of shiny happy yellow walls with bright clean white furniture. My bedroom is just a happy place which fits me to a 'T'.

I "Heart" Shoes

My need to possess cute shoes has reached code red status. Another box found it's way to me at work full of three boxes of very cute shoes. Shoes to be worn in the sunshine that is coming New York's way. Now all I need is someone to work on my feet to make them exfoliated, moisturized and painted with a pretty red color.

Friday, April 13, 2007

MetroCard Disappearing Act

After arriving at the subway yesterday in the pouring rain I reached for my MetroCard only to discover I did not have it. This wouldn't be the end of the world but my MetroCard and my office building pass were together meaning it would have been a pain not to have my pass. Also I enjoyed a great meal with Supplier at Chennai Garden meaning multiple trips on NY's mass transit system. With all that bearing on my mind, I made the decision to leave the shelter from the rain and trek back to my apartment.

At the end of my delicious meal with Supplier at Chennai Garden on 27th street I realized that I didn't have my building pass/MetroCard combo. I was dumbfounded, stupified and perplexed to realized that I had left it in the office. About mid-afternoon I put on my in-office blazer because of a chill in the air. Of course I put my building pass/MetroCard combo in the pocket as I meandered around the office floor. Being a ding-dong I forgot to take it from the blazer pocket to my purse. So I was forced to purchase a $4 MetroCard at Grand Central to get me home and to work the next day.

The moral of the story is to keep tabs on your wallet, cell phone, iPod and MetroCard/building pass because the loss of one or all could cause personal meltdown.

My Search for the Americone Dream

Ben & Jerry have made my little heart flutter. Not only do they make excellently smooth and creamy ice cream but now they have devoted an entire flavor to one of the funniest and truthiest guys around, Stephen Colbert. They named the flavor Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream and it is filled with chocolate covered waffle bits and caramel. Be still my beating heart!

The announcement about this new ice cream goodness was made some time ago; yet, I have not seen a glorious pint in the flesh! I have it confirmed by my good friend Shopping Queen that they exist in the world; but have yet to wrap my hands around the cold cardboard container with Stephen's face on it. Luckily the people who run the website for Ben & Jerry have a trusty tool called the "flavor locator" that allows you to locate a flavor via zip code. I tried this life saving tool and came to find out that there is no store within the five boroughs of New York that have this flavor in their freezer stock. I even looked for my friend Claire in Connecticut and they don't have it within a 50 mile radius of her home. Why are Ben & Jerry trying to punish the Eastern Seaboard? Those who live in the West seemed to find it in ample supply. Why can't I get some when the big Ben & Jerry factory is in VERMONT?!?

I asked my friends and neighbors to join me in a crusade to receive this Americone treat in our homes on the East. The punishment must end as we did nothing to deserve it but take our unsuspecting tourist friends on a 5 hour car trip to Burlington, Vermont just so they can watch a movie about the birth of the great ice cream empire known as Ben & Jerry's.

Monday, April 09, 2007

My Easter Weekend

Regardless of the massive headache of traveling from JFK, I had a great time heading to a land far away to visit Big Lug, Liver and their offspring. We cruised the city, did some shopping and enjoyed the Easter egg hunt at Church. Mostly we spent time eating and taking pictures. Thanks to my brother and sister-in-law for putting me up for the weekend. I had a great time!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Stupid Sheer Shirts

I'm annoyed. I mean really annoyed. It's the kind of annoyed that I can't do anything about because I have no control over my annoyance. The instigation of my annoyance is my quest for a short sleeve brown shirt. My visit to Ann Taylor Loft at lunch was the final straw. It sent my irritation over the edge. Every blasted store is selling shirts that are sheer. It is virtually impossible to find a short sleeved shirt that doesn't have a plunging neckline or is see through. Eerrr!