Sunday, October 25, 2009

a little something about my nephews

i'm completely and totally enraptured with my nephews and nieces. last weekend i went to utah and got to play with blake and jaxon. of course my camera made the journey with me. when i told blake (who's 3) that i would be back for christmas his response was "and we'll take more pictures." so true blakey, so true. :)

enjoy the cuteness that are my nephews...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

a little something about football pools

every year my office runs a football pool for the NFL regular season. in 2006 i won a week and came in second for the season...pocketing about $360. woot woot!

the past three years i've opted to run the pool so that i can still play but not pay the $100 entry fee. haven't won anything since that glorious 2006 season...that all changed this past week! i won week 6 (aka the week of upsets)! that's $148 in my little pocket.

my strategy has nothing to do with who the better team is or the road/home my proven theory is to choose the city that is closest to "a" in the alphabet. this helped me to get the point for oakland over philadelphia, new orleans over new york jets and atlanta falcons over chicago bears. it is vital to stay committed to the process even when you know a team like green bay was going to be victorious over detroit...but detroit comes before green bay in the alphabet.

what did i spend my earned spoils for gooch and i to the radio city christmas spectacular (@ 1/2 price of course)!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

a little something about apples

on our foliage adventure last weekend we stopped at an apple orchard for a little fresh off the branch apple picking. there were so many options to choose delicious, gala, jonamac, jonagold, empire, golden delicious...etc. they also had a pumpkin patch but they weren't quite ready to come home with us.

it sometimes blows me away how gorgeous nature is. i think that is the reason why i bought my pretty new camera and lens. if at all possible i want to be able to relive those moments when i see something truly amazing and breath-taking.

i really liked how the tree leaf color almost exactly matched the brick of the building...only in New England

Monday, October 12, 2009

pathways #3

buckingham palace in london, england
click on picture for larger view

countdown to the UT

...heading for my annual october family visitation in T-minus 3 days. i'm looking forward to time spent with my Joani, moocher, pookie, sunshine, flex, grandpappy and macers. if i'm truly honest i'm most excited to see my nephews who have my heart wrapped around their little fingers.

utah vacations mean i get to play with the kiddies, eat good homemade Joani food and reconnect with some long lost new york friends who continue their utah sojourn. i'm very if i could just get rid of this pesky cough and chest congestion...

fall foliage - new england style

netter and i took a little adventure up into rural connecticut and massachusettes this past weekend. it was so beautiful. i think fall foliage is one thing i will never tire of seeing or take for granted.

we drove along the scenic CT-169 and took some pics along the way. please enjoy!