Wednesday, September 30, 2009

a little something about fall

it has begun...the autumn season is upon us. the catalyst to this realization was not based on the official start of fall on september 21st, the football season commencing, the added chill to the air or even leaves changing, the catalyst was the fact that i now plan my daily ensembles based on what jacket/coat i want to wear.

for those that haven't seen my closet in recent years...i own a plethora of coats. a total of nine to be exact and that doesn't bring into account blazers that can act as coats when called upon. this year i have been given the "green light" to purchase just one coat and one new jacket. (thanks for the tough love netter!) i'm now planning my strategy as to what type of coat and jacket i want and when is the right time to strike (i.e. the sales at Macy's start).

welcome autumn. i hope you spend lots of time with us.

for those that have an interest in my fashion...i paired my cream cordoroy tuxedo blazer with brown pants and my cashmere short sleeve gold thread turtleneck.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

pathways #2

cape cod, massachusettes
click on the picture for a larger view

celeb sighting - val kilmer

as a young girl (probably 8 years old) i begged my mother to let me go with big lug and his buddy air force to see the movie "Willow." she said yes so it meant that big lug was forced to accept. we sat towards the front of the theater and i literally was terrified almost the entire movie. my hand very rarely dropped its covering of my eyes. the troll scene on the bridge still skeeves me out when i watch it as an adult. that was my first connection with val kilmer. we've had some other good times like top gun, the saint, batman forever, tombstone and of course the voice of K.I.T.T. the talking car from Knight Rider.

my second encounter with val happened this past saturday morning. while eating brunch with netter at an UES eatery i happened to glance up from our table and see a man walk by. we made eye contact and i thought he looked an awful lot like Willow's hero Madmartijan only older with grandpa glasses and long hair.

i mentioned to netter that i thought i just glimpsed val kilmer but was somewhat dubious because he looked so different. moments later, when the same man emerged from the restroom hallway, he ran into a server and handed her a card then proceeded to exit the restaurant, hop in his volkswagon toureag (totally jealous) and hit the road. the server with the magic business card started giggling and talking excitedly to her other server buddies because it was val kilmer!

it often surprises me when i happen to glance a "celeb" looking or behaving in a very ordinary way (i.e. using the restroom). for some reason i think they should all be constantly trailed by their own gaggle of screaming girls or paparazzo with long zoom lens cameras. i don't expect one to enter a restaurant, use the restroom and then zoom off in his much coveted ride.

Monday, September 14, 2009

pathways in the park #1

photography is my new hobby. i've been teaching myself lighting, composition and am now trying my hand at editing. my skill level is completely novice but it gives me a goal to work towards improving my abilities.

my favorite subject matter is the pathways that are found throughout the city, primarily in Central Park. occasionally i'm going to post one of my new favorites that i've worked on. please let me know what you think.

Pathways #1

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

selling US Open tickets

i decided to sell my mens semifinal "Super Saturday" US Open tickets this year. those matches are some of the hottest tickets for the Open every year.

last night put my tickets up for sale on craigslist. after posting my ad i received about 10 inquiries within the first 5 minutes. had no idea i could sell my tickets so quickly but then realized that i had priced my tickets way below market. i only priced the tickets for about $15 higher than what i paid. i didn't look to the going rate of others who were trying to sell the tickets on craigslist or stub hub. not the smartest move i've ever made.

hope the people i sold the tickets to have a great time. can't wait until 2010 when joani and i will attend lots and lots of matches. start saving your pennies joani!

Monday, September 07, 2009

two favorites - football & photography

all who know me are aware of my love of football. i have developed a new love through the influence of my brother flex. he introduced me to the beauty of photography. i was ecstatic when i found a "behind the scenes" of the BYU Football poster photo shoot on YouTube. i know mark philbrick casually when i worked in the athletic marketing department at BYU so it was fun to see how he captured the football with his camera.

my favorite photos are at the 1:54 mark and of course the ultimate poster shot. enjoy and go cougars!

laboring on labor day

i woke up at 8:30am and have been doing laundry ever since. i just brought up the final of 5 loads that i did today. i'm kind of baffled that i could produce 5 loads of laundry without kids. i guess when you wash multiple sets of sheets, floor mats, shower curtains, towels, clothes and blankets that it just adds up. in my case it added up to 5 loads and $12.50 in quarters.