Monday, February 22, 2010

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

a little something a friend has taught me

my brother big lug dated a girl from our rival high school when i was a junior and he was a senior. at first i wasn't sure how i felt about her because as has been previously mentioned by me in this blog, i was quite a brat when it came to people trying to break the inner circle of my family unit. the funny thing about the situation is that christa and i became great friends after my brother and she broke up.

christa and i went to magic mountain in LA together (along with joani g), worked together for the summer, took a little trip to flagstaff for the weekend where christa brought a soccer ball...still not sure why, had countless trips to cold stone creamery & the movie theater, and just enjoyed being great friends in the valley of the sun.

after college, christa and i lost contact. she got married and started her family and i started my long term relationship with new york city. thankfully facebook and blogs saved the day. she found me and it has been so fantastic to reconnect!

christa is a true warrior of faith and i'm very thankful for her living reminder that we are each so blessed with gifts and talents that it is our responsibility to share. if you need a witty and inspirational read, please check out her blog Christa's Crusade.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

a little something gifted from the WB

i'm getting closer and closer to my 10 year college graduation anniversary. there are a few things that are quintessentially pinky as a BYU college student. some of those things are television shows from the WB.

every sunday night my roomies in #9 middle cambridge and i would enjoy the goodness that is dawson's creek & felicity. we would heat a pizza purchased at the great grocer, food4less. sit down in our living room. eat the pizza. watch the travails of joey & dawson or joey & pacey for the first hour and then felicity & ben or felicity & noel for the second. it was female bonding at its best; minus the painting each others' toenails.

i'm currently reliving those happy moments felt as a college student because each morning i watch television on DVD as i get ready for work. i've already completed watching season 3 of dawson's and am curently enjoying season 1 of felicity. my plan is to complete the entire felicity series by the end of the month. (a shoutout to Doc who graciously gifted me with season 2 & 3 for Christmas!) it has made me very happy to think about those days with my roomies. life seemed so much simpler some how.

for those who are wondering...i was and always will be a joey & pacey and felicity & noel supporter.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

a little something about Bob my blu-ray

yes, i name my electronics. Ed is my HDTV and Will is my Wii. right now i'm enraptured with Bob, my blu-ray player. boss man asked me recently if there is a difference between a DVD playing versus a blu-ray movie. the only answer to that question is YES!

tonight Gooch and i popped in the recently acquired 2005 version of Pride and Prejudice on blu-ray. there was a definite difference in the quality of picture, music and the beauty that is Mr. Darcy on the big screen.

so tonight i say congrats to Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints as well as profess my great admiration to Bob my blu-ray player. dear mr. brees - thank you for a great super bowl and to Bob my blu-ray player - thank you for bringing the beauty of high definition movie magic into my home.

pathways #5

the rambles in Central Park
click on picture for larger view

a little something learned in disney world

i'm not as young as i once was. i get tired sooner rather than later when on my feet for a length of time. i can't say "no" to amusement park food that consists of hamburgers, ice cream, churros, french fries, and bagels with bananas. a strategy must be implemented for effective usage of the fast pass. i can't put a limited on the number of times i ride Space Mountain. souvenir items bought on Main Street are expensive. i know my limits...namely Mission:Space, Soarin' and Circle 360 Vision movies at Epcot. there is such a thing as too many cheerleaders and Brazilian high school students in one location. the ride at Norway was lame, lame, and more lame. Aerosmith is very kind to their fans by giving us a ride in the limo through Southern California. i am in love with the childlike wonder i felt while at disney world.

getting to orlando was an ordeal but once there we had a fantastic time. we went to all four parks as well as a little outlet shopping. my favorite rides were Space Mountain @ Magic Kingdom, Test Track @ Epcot, Expedition Everest @ Animal Kingdom and Rock 'N Roller Coaster @ Hollywood Studios. our gangsta car was named Iago and allowed us to play some stellar tunes. eating at Chevy's was a grotesque experience while Macaroni Grill was highly enjoyable.

the most amazing thing was the fact that netter and i spent a total of 17 1/2 hours in the parks in one day. we started at hollywood studios when it opened at 9:00am. we left hollywood studios at about 4:00pm and had decided to head straight back to Magic Kingdom so that we could ride some of our favorites again. it was going to be great because we were entitled to an additional 3 hours in the park after it closed. the funny thing is that we thought the park closed at 8pm so we would have until 11pm. but no...while on the parking lot tram we were informed that the park closed at 11pm so we were entitled to stay in the park until 2 AM! woo hoo!! netter and i embraced the opportunity and stayed in the park until 1:30am. our car was literally the last car in the last row of the parking lot. i haven't been that tired in a long time but it was TOTALLY worth it.

i guess the little something that disney world taught me was that there is no age limit to good clean fun with mickey mouse and his friends. can't wait for disney world 2.0 in march with claire and MC!

love the dumbo ride (for you joani g!)

fireworks every night...yes please!

this is what you look like after 17 1/2 hours in amusement parks (while wearing flip flops)

Iago as the last car on the last row of the Magic Kingdom parking lot

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

a little something to explain my blogging absence

i've been insanely busy at work the last 6 weeks. that's why i've been remiss in my blogging. to those who have exercised immense patience regarding the pictures and recap of my disney world vacation...i plead for just a little more time. this weekend i shall provide all that has been requested...and maybe more...

stay tuned.