Thursday, September 30, 2010

the month of september

there has always been something special about september.  i love september because it means i get to enjoy the majesty of the us open, feel the start of a slight chill in the air, watch leaves changing, and celebrate the anniversary of my relationship with new york.  the month of september is very memorable especially living in new york. 

thank you september 2010.  i enjoyed our time spent together.  and hello october...welcome.

i'm a big girl now...

there are certain events that equal adulthood to me. some include: college graduation, buying your own toilet paper, housing purchase, no longer able to claim "exempt" on taxes, marriage, childbirth, not able to come up with ideas for gifts on your birthday/christmas, monitoring your 401(k) plan on a weekly basis, etc.

i recently made a decision that again cements the fact that i am a true, bona fide adult. i bought my first couch! it was a very exciting moment that clare and MC shared with me. (poor netter had seen that couch about 5 times in the last year but wasn't there for the moment of purchase - sorry friend!)

now to clarify, i do currently own a couch. i bought my friend academic's couch when she moved from the great metropolis that is new york. it's been a good couch. gooch spent many an hour upon it. but i've never actually purchased a brand new couch for myself. it was quite exhilarating!

below are links to the sectional couch i purchased as well as a preview of the fabric chosen:

sectional is a chaise and apartment sofa combo:

color chosen is called Devin Topaz:

super excited for it to arrive before the end of the year!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

a little something to do on the bus ride home

got a fun new app for my iPhone. i can take photos and turn them into polaroid versions. it's super entertaining when stuck in traffic on Madison Avenue because of a cavalcade of black SUVs and Town Cars taking the President to the UN. Below are a couple of my favorites.