Tuesday, August 10, 2010

it's my birthday...let's get on a boat

recently celebrated my birthday. it was awesome.

started with brunch at dos caminos. headed to the south street seaport for a little water ride on the east and hudson rivers. opted to do the 90 minute tour all the way to west 44th street, around the statue of liberty, back to brooklyn for a little trek across the bridges, gooch made me a cake and i blew out some candles.

it was so much fun to be hanging with friends and enjoy a gorgeous summer NYC day.

ode to a dishwasher

most of the inconveniences about living in new york are easily negated because of the awesome aspects of living in new york. today there is nothing about living in NYC that makes up for not having a dishwasher. i'm kinda done with doing all my dishes by hand. ok, i'm only one person so how many dishes can i possibly dirty...you'd be surprised.

maybe one day if i'm really good, my relationship with new york will produce a dishwasher. a girl can dream...