Monday, July 19, 2010

all about jimmy eat world

my favorite band Jimmy Eat World is releasing a new album called "invented" on september 28th! i am so excited. i pretty much devour any music they release because it never disappoints. just bought their new single My Best Theory today. fantastic!

my happiness about this news expands because a new album = a tour! i have no problem admitting to the fact that i have seen Jimmy play seven times. they are amazing performers and sounds exactly the same as their recordings...some bands aren't able to pull that off...believe me i've suffered through a few of those shows. october 14th is the day that jimmy comes to terminal 5 in new york city! tickets already purchased.

if you like good, quality, lively rock music i strongly suggest grabbing some current Jimmy Eat World for your iPod and circle september 28th on your calendar for the release of even more fantastic tunes.

Top Jimmy Eat World Tunes (per moi):

10. Cautioners - Jimmy Eat World
9. 23 - Futures
8. Hear You Me - Jimmy Eat World
7. Lucky Denver Mint - Clarity
6. A Praise Chorus - Jimmy Eat World
5. Here It Goes - Chase This Light
4. Kill - Futures
3. If You Don't, Don't - Jimmy Eat World
2. Your House (2007) - Bleed American (Deluxe)
1. Always Be - Chase This Light

Watch below for my live video of The Middle from their New Year's Eve show in Atlantic City

Saturday, July 17, 2010

because i love my cousin Gooch

as described previously my cousin gooch brought the joys of us men's soccer into my life, especially the beauty of carlos and benny. of course that wasn't the only piece of joy that gooch brought with her when we lived together. she also shined the light on wearing belts with outfits to accentuate a smaller waist, amazing flavors mixed with rice & beans, having a partner to play Rock Band and see $6 movies, how brazil is an amazing country, and how her dad and my mom have conflicting stories about things that happened when they were growing up together.

a particular joy that gooch brought back to my life is something that i first had an elitist attitude about because i thought it was kinda lame. she sent me back to yesteryear and the simple joys of being a kid where all i had to worry about was how to beat big lug's grades and which scrunchie to match with my outfit. she brought me back to when New Kids on the Block ruled the world.

wasn't a huge NKOTB fan as a 11-14 year old girl. my boy band years happened much later in life with a little group called 'n sync. when NKOTB announced they were reuniting and performing on the today show...i laughed and made fun of the women lining up outside my office in rock center for a glimpse of jordan, joey, donnie, jonathan and danny. it was a total joke around the office.

so i was a bit surprised when gooch was grinning while watching the "kids" perform a little medly on jimmy fallon. she knew the words to the songs and most of the dance steps. i was quite impressed. relatively soon i was learning the dance steps along with her. i mean i didn't want her to feel alone in her love of NKOTB while in the apartment.

NKOTB was scheduled to perform at Radio City on Friday 6/18 and Saturday 6/19. the shows were sold out. then ticketmaster sent me an email saying that a third show was added on Thursday 6/17. i thought..."i miss gooch now that she has moved out and need to look for ways we can spend time together" so i sent her an email about the concert and volunteered to be her plus one. basically i would sacrifice my time and money and "reputation" by attending an NKOTB concert with her because i knew of her love for the band. she agreed and the tickets were purchased. now we waited until thursday night for the goodness of boy bandness.

the show started and i was more than ready to start rolling my eyes. the lights went down, the screaming crescendoed, and new kids on the block came out ready to throw it down. before i knew it i was dancing to tunes i hadn't heard before and the oldies that i remembered. it was so fun to bust a move with gooch and witness the dawning of thousands of women my age let loose and have a great time screaming for their teenage crush. we both left the concert singing the tunes with grins on our faces.

while singing karaoke with netter the next night (Friday 6/18) i checked on my trusty StubHub app to see if any tickets were available for saturday's show. i found one for $19. most of my friends had other plans on saturday so my night was free and clear and i figured why not have "plans" of my own. randomly i checked for 2 tickets also. two tickets halfway up on the floor were available for $30 each. gooch must be made aware of this i texted her. surprisingly she was willing to say adios to her out of town visiting friends to join me for night number two spent with boys from boston. we had a fantastic time.

now i am no longer a shy NKOTB fan. i'm happy to tell those that love me how much i enjoy grooving to "full service" and "click click click". the music just makes me smile. i owe gooch an apology for being a snob about her devotion. hopefully i have made up for it. my new found joy brings us closer and allows me to embrace my youth once again.

oh, one more thing...jonathan is totally my favorite. he's just so dreamy. ;)

summer in the city

today was the first day that it really felt like Summer 2010 in the City. it's been hot prior but today all of the factors that equal New York City summer day happened on July 17th.

The factors being:
1. running both A/C units at the same time for more than an hour
2. a sweat droplet running down my back after taking a shower
3. bought two bottles of water within 3 hours of each other
4. saw five different tour groups wearing fanny packs on fifth avenue
5. street fair vendors selling meat on a stick and fruit slabs in a cup
6. women wearing gladiator sandals with bright neon pink toe nail polish
7. happily spent over $80 on a manicure/pedicure (plan to do it again and again)
8. parasols out in force
9. summer sale signs in store windows up and down madison and fifth avenue
10. movie blockbuster saturday afternoon showtime of 3:40pm sold out

i love summer. love the extra daylight hours, celebrating my birthday, hop aboard the bandwagon of trying to become "tan", us open & wimbledon action, summer movie blockbusters, the beach, eating strawberry shortcake & watermelon (not necessarily together), capri pants, flip flops & t-shirts, weekend road/train trips, concert in outdoor ampitheaters, and so you think you can dance. i am always so glad to see summer arrive and generally am okay to say farewell when that time comes around.

a little something to add to summer viewing

love me some white collar on usa network! matt bomer and tim dekay are fantastic, witty banter, great costuming and i love the way they incorporate and shoot new york. if you want a good time with pretty people solving "white collar" crimes then i highly recommend White Collar on Tuesday nights at 9pm Eastern.

a little something i enjoyed on vacation

went on vacation at the end of June to see my fabulous family. it was the longest amount of time i took to be in Utah. it was great to be with family and enjoy utah without the hassle of snow.

one thing that i definitely wanted to do was play at a water park. hadn't been to a water park since my high school graduation party...won't mention the number of years that would be. for the moocher's birthday the girls and nephews went to seven peaks in provo. i had never been.

blake and jaxon had a great time splashing in the wave pool and especially the lazy river. moocher, sunshine and i raced on the flash flood water slides. i lost both times. the only problem is that i neglected to saturate my legs and feet with sunscreen. it was painful and is now in the all too annoying peeling stage. thank goodness for banana boat after sun cooling aloe gel. despite the sunburn i've decided that we must go to the water park every summer...also helps that costco sells discount tickets. :)

spending time with the family in utah was a great week away. it's also great that i get to see joani in about a month and a half for us open weekend.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

a little something with my whole family

my entire immediate family was together last weekend for the first time in 3 years. with me in new york and the big lug and liver's family in indiana, it isn't often that we all migrate to joani and grandpappy's house in utah. it is always great to be together. we play games, talk about silly things we did as kids, confess teenage transgressions to joani, eat great food and always take a family portrait.

this year's picture turned out great. i absolutely adore the one of all of my nephews and nieces.

the whole motley crew

my absolutely adorable nephews and nieces

the siblings being our happy selves
click on a picture for a larger view