Monday, January 11, 2010

a little something to mark my 350th post

i'm going to Disney World! no really, i'm heading to Disney World on Thursday. yeah for 350th post! wonder what will happen when i hit 500 posts.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

a little something from the lingos

i went to the Lingos once and was pretty disappointed so never returned. gooch went this year and saw the video below. last night she shared it with me. i thought it was hilarious and very well done. congrats to those who participated...two thumbs up!

Twilight Years from Tom on Vimeo.

Monday, January 04, 2010

a little something in my christmas card

Moments that “shined” in 2009

Best family get together since Hawaii: attending my nephew Nintendo’s baptism in Terre Haute, Indiana

Best additions to my electronics collection: tie between my new MacBook computer, first digital SLR camera, blu-ray player and the Wii with Rock Band (apparently 2009 was the year of new electronics J)

Best reason for sibling to visit: Flex helped me move to my new apartment…no more stairs!

Best New York moments: viewing the city with my brother Big Lug at Top of the Rock, free admission to Museum of Modern Art during summer Fridays, and cheap karaoke in K-Town

Best vacations: Last minute trip to Prague in March, Plymouth Rock on July 4th, seeing friends from home in Mesa, Arizona and fall foliage viewing in rural Connecticut and Massachusetts

Best experience serving in Primary: attending baptisms and participating in the Primary Program

Best photographic pose: jumping in front of beautiful landmarks (see below)

Best songs in iPod rotation: You Find A Way (Graham Colton), All I Want (Ahn Trio), Someday (Plain White T’s), Halfway Gone (Lifehouse), Radio Song (Days Difference), S.O.S. Let the Music Play (Jordin Sparks), Just Say Yes (Snow Patrol), and everything by the cast of Glee

Best television shows: Glee, Grey’s Anatomy, Lost, White Collar, The Good Wife, SYTYCD & Top Chef

Best new hobby: taking photographs of family and Central Park

Best reason to have a flight cancelled: a four hour layover in Amsterdam where fry sauce comes in a bottle

Best concerts/Broadway shows: Jimmy Eat World’s Clarity 10th Anniversary @ Terminal 5, Plain White T’s @ Irving Plaza, Ragtime, Kelly Clarkson @ Roseland Ballroom, Hamlet (starring Jude Law), Twelfth Night - Shakespeare in the Park, Snow Patrol @ Beacon Theater

Best hours spent in a movie theater: An Education, The Blind Side, Angels & Demons, Star Trek & The Proposal

Best reason for a movie ticket return policy: Fame

pathways #4

after large snow storm on december 19th

a little something from my iTunes play count

there is so much that your iTunes play count can tell about you. i'm constantly curious to see what songs are at the top of the list and which ones i was previously "obsessed" with aren't even on the top page.

right now, graham colton's "you find a way" is kicking everyone else's trash but snow patrol is quickly gaining in playing time with their "just say yes." i'll keep you up-to-date on this ongoing battle for my iTunes library supremacy.

the interesting thing about my current play count is that about 3/4th of the music i have from 'n sync has never been played on my new computer. for those that knew me in my youth, you might have remembered that i was somewhat of a fan of the boy band that sold 2.4 million copies of No Strings Attached in its first week of release. (in full confession mode...i bought 2 copies the day it was for my car and one for my home.) i had what you might say was a "healthy young adult" obsession with justin, lance, chris, joey and of utmost importance to me, jc.

so tonight i have decided to turn my bedroom into an 'n sync party by playing each track that currently has never been played on my new computer. it is an added bonus because tonight is the first night that i hooked up my computer desk speakers. i'm sure my neighbors are grateful that tonight i'm taking them back 10 years to the reign of the boy bands.

tragically i have no digital photographic evidence of my healthy obsession. darn it.... ;)

a little something i taught my nephew

for some reason i found great pleasure in teaching my quite young nephew things that might verge on the inappropriate. the last time i was in utah i taught him about "smack the booty." in my defense i did tell him he couldn't smack anyone else's booty...only his own and only with minimal arm strength.

this christmas i wanted to complete the "booty" lessons by teaching him how to "shake his booty". he was an apt pupil. i decided to record the event with my camera because he was just too cute about it. (and it is one of the few times that a male will do exactly what i tell him to do)

i did purchase for his christmas present the giant dog he is holding while the smacking and shaking is occurring. not sure if that redeems me in the eyes of his parents though...