Monday, February 11, 2013

personal realization #14 - hi kettle, i'm the pot

a little over a year ago i wrote a post about this guy i met at a conference.  he complained about the lack of women to date in new york city.  i had a strong reaction to this piece of idiocy to the point that i wanted to do physical harm to him or completely take the filter from my speech and let him know what an idiot i thought he was.  anyone who knows me is well aware that i have no problem being completely honest when i think someone or something is ridiculous.

any way, on to my latest personal realization...

i was having a conversation with someone i just met and for some reason this topic came up in our short chat.  he made the point that i have essentially done the same thing that this dude did.  i have effectively decided that there are no redeeming men to date in new york city.  i interpreted a direct correlation between a few bad dates and an entire population of eligible men.  basically i am a good old hypocrite and have been living the same way that this dude expressed to me many months ago.  it's not fair to treat all men in this way.  i need to change.  awesome.  i love change.

sidenote - my good friend offered a month or so ago to set me up with a guy she works with...guess who he was?  i'll give you one guess.

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Laura said...

WHO???? How'd it go? And yes, I'm certain there are still redeeming men out there.