Friday, January 31, 2014

...hard to say goodbye...

the lyrics of boyz II men's awesome mid-90s hit "it's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday" are currently on repeat in my head.  the first concert i ever attended was viewing the wonderful harmonies of the men from philadelphia.  even saw them last summer twice during the 'package tour' with 98 degrees and NKOTB.  but i digress...

...the reason my mind keeps playing "how do i say goodbye to what we had...the good time that made us laugh, always come back.  i thought we'd get to see forever.  but forever's gone away.  it's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday...i don't know where this road is going to lead.  all i know is where we've been and what we've been through.  if we get to see tomorrow, i hope it's worth all the wait.  it's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday...and i'll take with me the memory to be my sunshine after the rain. it's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday."  those are some serious words.  and on july 29th it was all i could do to keep from singing them aloud in the middle of JFK airport.  it was the day i flew away from my beloved new york city for provo, utah.  yes, i moved to utah.  

a great opportunity to obtain an MBA degree from Brigham Young University presented itself and i took it.  the only painful part of this equation was that it required me to leave my beloved new york city.  i miss it everyday.  every. single. day.  thankfully i know it is temporary and my career path is already leading me back to my hometown.  i will be working as an intern this summer for a financial institution in new york and i couldn't be happier.  four more short months until i'm back.

i have been richly blessed thus far as a member of the BYU MBA community.  the people that walk the halls of the tanner building with me are fantastic and willing to help.  i know that i will emerge a better business leader, person and family member from my time in utah.  but it sometimes doesn't stem the sadness about leaving my beloved new york city.

waiting for the airplane to take me away from new york city

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